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Now that we have Nourish—we formed Nourish Publishing in 2020—we have commercial application for Mark Brand Group Shares, hosted here at We also came out with our first commercial products in 2020, putting into hybrid action both the creative and market processes of Sampo Service-Cuisine MarkBrand technology, developed into virtual physicality by me in Toronto in 2003.

The complex weave of MarkBrand is not easily born, nor does it arrive at once but our first product under Nourish, How to Work with Teams provides an anchor point in the technology from the human perspective. Review on Architectonics. In this regard, the PEAK clade may begin to be introduced to the public beginning last year. Momentum is building on other fronts as well.

The Wizard with the Lizard: With a Trip to Fairyland by Trudy Dorn, by Nourish.

Nourish is pleased to assist in the publishing of “Grandma Trudy’s” first three children’s books. In her 90s, Trudy Dorn has written and hand illustrated three delightful children’s books. Populated with characters and style reminiscent of a cross between Dr. Suess and Beatrix Potter, these charming full-color books are specifically designed to assist in learning English while providing some valuable teaching moments. Available on Amazon.

Early in 2021 my latest endeavor started taking shape. Novella™ Notebooks are a series of high quality, low content paperback notebooks manufactured and sold through Amazon. Nourish decided to take on the low content book field for strategic, creative and personal reasons that connect opportunity and development of capacity. We intend to launch a number of brands under this umbrella, including new titles from Bryce Maynard Winter’s Beezwax Works (itself currently undergoing a design refresh) and Terry Gale’s Pop Culture Tales, sporting new graphics and design for 2021 as well!

We are pleased to announce Novella™ Notebooks launched in May, 2021. A variety of titles and forms are under development focusing on the need to get offline yet remain—or get—organized and practice a tactile analog experience, with unique digital applications. Novella™ promises to be the first of many physical and electronic personal, communal and business applications brought to you by Mark Brand Group Shares.

Be The Change

What my intention is for this entry:

To leave you at choice in the matter of.


The world of no agreement.

As a starting point, I would like to point out that I know you are a person out doing great things in our world. I believe that you want to change the world. And in small, important ways, you are.

What I want to look at is this, however:

What will it take to transform the world?

Like completely and totally.

Radically alter the listening of the world such that it responds differently, not just with a few people; but with all people; what will it take?

Changing the world means different things to different people but one thing is clear; to truly change the world we have to first acknowledge that there is no real change that occurs outside of community. To alter the prospects of the future, to shift the curve, to make a difference that takes hold at a serious scale, to make a difference on a local communal, regional, national or a global scale, we must first find ways to shift within community.

This involves acknowledgement of community, and relating and connecting through community. 

Connecting through community outside of our own limited box is not something that most people are familiar with. To be honest, most people spend almost all of their time inside the confines of a narrow group of friends, family and business associates. Change of the sort I am talking about occurs, for the most part, outside of that narrow, comfortable group.

My mother used to say: “beware the comfort zone.” What is the comfort zone? Precisely those with whom you are already connected and familiar. Your comfort zone is the people around you, who for the most part, already agree with you because they already have a similar set of values and experiences as you do. Here’s the thing: nothing really happens inside the comfort zone. Nothing changes in this area (that is why it is a comfort zone). A hazard if you are up to things is that this can appear quite the opposite in the short term, because within your circle there may be a lot of receptivity for your ideas and strategies. You may get people excited and talking. You might even get them to take some new actions. But so long as this excitement, talk and action is within a ‘bubble’, how much are  you really changing the world? Outside of the comfort zone is where all growth and change happen, when we move out of the comfort zone; real shifts begin to happen–shifts within us–and in the world. The occurrence of global transformation does not happen in a comfortable bubble.

To change the world outside of our own bubbles, therefore, we are going to have to do a few things. One is, we are going to have to learn to relate to people, things and circumstances that are uncomfortable at first. The second is we are going to have to find ways to acknowledge that the world outside of our immediate circle, while strange, is not necessarily wrong.

Both of these can be hard, and depending on your perspective and personal experience they may be difficult in the same or different measures. But if you don’t leave your comfort zone you won’t effect change. And if you approach the outside world with either a chip on your shoulder or with a ‘better than’ attitude, that won’t work either.

Therefore, we have to find ways to get out, relate with others eye-to-eye and suggest new ideas in ways that invite others’ attention and involvement, rather than command them to do things. This is the way of the world, today.

Curiously, this brings up a number of sticking points for most. I would like you to consider that a couple of these sticking points may show up for you. I’m going to share three with you today.

“Self-knowledge is the great power by which we comprehend and control our lives.”
— Vernon Howard

The first one is contribution.

Do you know that if you do not allow others to contribute to you that you will be unable to contribute to them? This is true. Contribution is a field, like love, affinity or joy. It is physically impossible on a scientific basis to contribute joy if you won’t allow joy in. The same goes for affinity or love. The same goes for your gifts. If you can’t or won’t allow others to contribute to you, you will find that you will not be able to substantially contribute to others as well. The reverse is also true. (If you have no anger or malice, others will not be able to sustain anger or malice with you as well). Understanding the law of contribution is profoundly difficult and important; for until contribution flows both ways your contribution won’t flower or flourish either.

  • Do you allow contribution?

The second one is mystery.

Do you think you have things all figured out: or at least in your gift, do you believe that you know all the answers? While we maintain a perspective that confidence is key, overconfidence, also known as pride goes before the fall (to paraphrase Proverbs). Why is this? The truth is that absolute truth is unknowable. This is self-evident to most thinking people. Therefore, anyone who insists they absolutely know The Truth without allowing for any exception will not be received well in the long term, in community. Better to embrace mystery and say that I do not know the truth, but I have a perspective that I believe accesses connection. Or maybe that I have evidence that I know a methodology works at this time. Disallowing mystery denies the contribution of coincidence or serendipity, otherwise known as Grace. To deny the existence of Grace is to deny one’s own humanity and is therefore catastrophic to embracing community.

  • Can you embrace the mystery that is life?

The third is integrity.

Integrity is the ability to speak one’s word and produce actions in the world that fundamentally align with our words. While this sounds easy enough, the truth is this is seldom simple, because if you are truly up to things in life you will soon find that you will have to ‘throw your hat over the wall’ with words (and metaphorically clamber over the wall with action to retrieve it), by declaring things that are either, (a) outside of your comfort zone, or (b) outside of what you know how to do. Following through on these things is the domain of integrity. What people frequently fail to realize is that integrity is not binary. There is no black and white dividing line in this place. Integrity is more like a field; an ever-expanding field of consciousness that continuously presents new finish lines beyond what is already known. Therefore, it is more like a marathon without end than a sprint. It is not black or white, it is a field of growth. Integrity is not good or bad; it is however a prerequisite to deliberate change and real personal growth.

  • How are you developing your integrity?

What’s Next?

By allowing contribution, embracing mystery and developing greater integrity we are not necessarily changing the world, yet. But we are providing a piece of the prerequisite state to do so. So what’s next, what would we like to attain and how will we get there?

Most of us come from a background of 

  • Not listening
  • Fighting for control
  • Resistance to contribution
  • Attachment to personal patterns

All inside of people pleasing.

Sound familiar?

As we become aware of the strife these old ways of being and doing things cause, and further, get connected with the unreality of their effectiveness, we can start to wonder who we REALLY are, underneath all of the struggle.

“To be authentic is literally to be your own author…, to discover your own native energies and desires, and then to find your own way of acting on them.”

— Warren G. Bennis

I created GENR8 Technology to:

  • Identify and create identity outside of brand (generically)
  • Provide a platform for creation and connection of group (interactively)
  • Develop a safe means of building organization (inexpensively)
  • Create a dynamic means through which to connect with the world
  • Generate a means to financial, social and psychological safety for the earth

The label and the GENR8 Community are access points to a vision of global connectivity that puts brands in the background by placing people first. In this view of the world. Global transformation occurs, and:

  • You are identified as you, not a corporate cog or wheel serving some ulterior purpose;
  • You are automatically included in a community that shares similar global values;
  • Your ability to access self development is taken as a right;
  • Your creative self-expression is intrinsically linked to you.

Marshall McLuhan famously stated: “The medium is the message.” GENR8 is about bringing this philosophy into existence in a way that provides a solid foundation for people and technology through the twenty-first century.

More than a digital technology, a personal development curriculum or a corporate training system, GENR8 is a foundational backdrop to community in a new world reality that moves us beyond conventional currencies, brands or capitalism. GENR8 invites you to:

  1. Create the conversation, and
  2. Be the conversation

GENR8 is truly access to:

  1. Be the change

GENR8 produces community structures, agreements, coaching and systems designed to bridge the world of old values and brands, co-creating a new world technology and community.




You are not stupid:

..but I can almost guarantee that by the time you have read this you will (at least for a few moments) pretend you are not smart enough to understand this. Don’t worry. Phi, you are.

You’ll also see why it’s me who might be missing something only you see. If so, I hope you’ll let me know. The ONLY difference I know between us: I have been focusing on one particular thing for a very long time that you haven’t. This one thing is VERY interesting and I want to share it with you today!

  • 1st warning: once you understand this you won’t want to go back to how your life was.
  • 2nd warning: I will ask you to do something for your health, wealth and happiness today.
  • 3rd warning: this is a long post. This info is for people who can concentrate.

An Open Letter To You:

Dear Human:

Like classroom bullies, we used to pretend that bad behavior to others was ‘deserved’ and that if you got beat up, you deserved it. Getting roughed around “toughens you up for the real world”. While we no longer endorse bullying, we haven’t truly lost this philosophy. When we excused bad behavior by saying we were doing the person good; this was based on the philosophy that pain IS our reality–and therefore more of it is good for us. 

There is no stronger punishment than separation. In everyday language this sounds something like: “YOU aren’t performing to my expectations, so I will withhold myself from you, until you do!” In this way we are no better than classroom bullies. This ‘power over’ dynamic is all over us, and we still excuse it. This strikes at the heart of the matter. The belief that, while pain is a universal human experience, that it actually IS reality. Life may be a game, but it does not have to be a game of masochism. Sadism is out of style, too. The idea that giving pain builds character, is a philosophy that goes something like: I have pain and I am formed by it. I have made mistakes and I am wrong and I ought to suffer. Since I have to suffer, you must suffer too.

This philosophy of pain you have, in reality, is the ultimate penitential philosophy. The hidden motive of all this doom and gloom and suffering talk is actually phony. Living the reality that pain is reality is actually just another really tricky way for the ego to stay in charge and to postpone true enlightenment. In this sense, nothing is more egotistical than true repentance. It is not real.

Our justice system works like this, as does our economy, the currency system and by extension, so do our businesses, brands, media and our information communication systems. All require us to sit up and dance, like a trained monkey, in order to perform. There’s nothing “wrong” with this system, by the way. It’s just that, like trash that’s been sitting too long, it’s beginning to reek. 

This all gets to my first question:

How can you find your perfect pitch in an off-kilter environment?

Finding your way in the world can take some time. Finding your IDEAL way in the world can take a while longer. So many people are retiring younger and looking for second careers and so many younger people struggle. The similarity? Neither group is satisfied, or ready to rest on its laurels. People are frustrated, they’re sometimes tired, they’re often cranky and maybe even a little angry. But they’re not done yet. 

How can you create a future if you aren’t already touching it? Co-create it?

I have been concerned with identity, branding in hindsight, for about as long as I could read. I guess that is about half a century. As a child, I was fascinated by the full-page advertisements for automobiles, insurance and industry that were in my parent’s old National Geographic, Time and Maclean’s magazines. As an adult I learned firsthand the extraordinary mechanisms through which brands wield extraordinary power that can cut through borders, rules, regulations, good taste or boundaries of all kinds.

The excitement and glamour of these airbrushed Madison Avenue photoshoots, with their “purple prose” and emotionally laden subtext carried me far away from the troubling backdrop of my parent’s marriage, which never really felt right to me (they eventually divorced when I was in my late 20s). In this way, I personally was inducted into the philosophy of PAIN = LIFE and that branded advertising, where people got along and enjoyed a beautiful, glamorous lifestyle, might somehow be the answer to the pain. That happiness could be bought.

This is perhaps a very strange thing for a young person to come up with, but perhaps not so unique. After all, isn’t our culture carried on popular media?

Now, I will admit that I am just a little “off the beaten track”. In fact, by one count I’ve got at least a half dozen ‘different’ things about me. I am left-handed. I am gay. I am blond. I had childhood surgery. I’m sensitive. Ostensibly, I’m a bit autistic. Apparently I related best to dogs and cats, people, not so much. But hey: who isn’t (at least a little) different?

In my case it just meant I took this far, deep and (for a long time, emotionally). As an adult I took up the cause of identity development and brand-making like an essential and foundational exercise. I studied, I worked.

I slept, ate and dreamt nothing but a full on comprehensive study of economy, currency systems, work, play, duopoly, megalopolises and efficiency, ergonomics, group politics, philosophy, jungian psychology and mobile technology as a whole for a while now, about twenty years. Before that, I was involved in live animation production in local marketing, magazine publishing and retailing of computing systems. 

You know what? I found the end of the rainbow, and you know what was there, my own tail!

This is no epiphany, any graduate student, of life, can tell you the big lie is that you are special enough to die yet. You are not, however neither can you choose directly when. Meanwhile what is left is to make the most of every moment.

After twenty years of planning, research, testing, failing, testing, failing, testing, failing and testing again (and again) it is to realize it is all experience and the only mistake might have been not to document more securely each and every lesson won. Moreover, it is my aim as an author to remedy this over the years to come and almost all is yet to be published.

And all of this, meant what?

The great taboo: is you.

Thanks to Freud, that great taboo is no longer sex.
The great taboo is to discover who you really are.

Alan Watts

If the game of the cosmos is hide and seek then when hide, dark has its day then when it’s seek, we have light and see what was hidden, in a tilted world? The truth is, for many people (most of us, or those at any rate who may be classified as ‘neurotypical’) the left hand literally does not know what the right hand is up to.

This is a function of current brain functioning and conditioning and is real.

When you discover you are a “phony”

This phony thing is a mask, did you know the word mask comes from the Greek for megaphone?

The masks in classical theater were megaphones.

The masks used in classical theaters had caricatured features with megaphones built into them for use of the actor to project better in an open air theatre. The word mask is equivalent to, IS the persona, the phony, the one who is NOT YOU. To discover you are phony through and through is to discover you are a big act.

To realize you are a phony is eventually to realize that all of artifice, human-kind, science, art, technology, music is a game piece and YOU are the game board. You get to make the mask.

That you are a game.

When you discover that then you wake up to find out who the player is. This makes you wonder who you have been being? This leads to what are behind all the phonies?

Your phony self is always on call.

The discovery of course is that the real you is not the isolated conscious ego, that is only a game being played all over the place and what there is is coextensive with the whole imperishable reality. The game though is hide and seek, while pretending that it is not.

This drives to, and through a number of ‘religious’ beliefs, including these 4 fundamental attitudes towards the human predicament:

Repentance — Rebellion
Resignation — Reincarnation, of ‘getting with life’

By the time you get to resignation, you have an aristocratic model. We are above it all and we resign. Being outside and above. Being bored. (Brands can act like this). The truly resigned always rise to social occasions without apparent effort. Everyone wants to be an Aristocrat, few are equipped.

The whole economy lives on promises. Money is just promises. The bourgeoisie live on promises, feeling happy not on what you have but what is to come. The proletarian wants it right now. This bourgeois attitude has been capitalized on thoroughly, however. Hoping you can achieve. You are involved in the world. You are engaged in the world. Upholding the going on of the great illusion.

You are playing for money, for position, for status and for success. Hoping above all that you can win. Hoping you can beat the game.

A guy says, the game is not worth it, ‘The richer I get, the more miserable I get.’ You’ve got enough money, now you’re worried about your health, or if not, then you’re worried about politics, or taxes or reclamation or climate change. So a person who goes through all that, sees finally, “I don’t think the game’s worth it: I’m going to resign.”

There are a lot of games we play, not only ‘Can I get one up on the universe, of pretending I’m this ego, this mask, and meta games like my game is better than your game, or you’re not playing? Even resignation is a game.

You are like children playing with toys: you haven’t woken up to the important concerns of life.

You haven’t reached the point of ultimate sincerity, that is to say ultimate reality.

To get there you have to resign from distractions.

You see a lot about meditation. About getting rid of wandering thoughts. Distractions are simply wandering thoughts. Choose something you can always concentrate on. You can concentrate on anything you choose. A light.

On the tip of your nose, on the centre of your forehead. Anything will do, just so long as you keep your mind on it. Stick to it. I have stuck mostly to one central organizing thing the past 20 years, called Phi φ. Wandering as well is a form of game. You try to get out. Can you stop competing with other human beings?

Alone you’re in the midst of a vast murmuring crowd, maybe not even human.

What does it mean when I’m in a trap that I can’t get out of? There’s no way of getting out of this trap! Well what it means is that you and the trap are the same thing. You’re not caught. Because when there’s nobody in the trap there’s no trap. Because so long as there’s no one in the trap, then you’re not trapped. So long as you think you are trapped, you are trapped, let go.

So long as you know you’re the trap then what has the trap got? If you’re trying to get out of the game you are trapped, but when you find out you are the game you are no longer trapped. Even in resigning I can’t resign: I have chosen to focus on one good thing.

That thing is to play a bigger game.

I MUST play this bigger game or I find myself in the same old place. Home is where the game is, here we are. It’s rather discovering to know the game is what there is and to get out of it would be nowhere. It’s rather discovering the game is what there is now.

Turns out this game has several names, beginning with the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet (φ). Phi represents the Constant. For humanity this is constrained through technology so for me Phi is the application of adjusting the universal constant in information communication technology. Put it this way, you’re not caught: I’m caught, red-handed. Here I am holding in my outstretched arm a lavender object. I have discovered an answer to Phi for technology. I call this X8

I am not a mathematician, but Phi is described in Wikipedia as, ahem ”the argument of a complex number, the phase of a wave in signal processing, the work function of a surface in solid-state physics, magnetic flux in physics and the golden ratio, not to mention the in probability characteristic function of a random variable X”. X can be literally anything. Let us say for the purpose of argument X is something you want to get done. Picture something!

You don’t have to play, you can, though.

It is that the playing is you, and nobody is shoving you around.

So, to boil it all down, φ solves the probable function of X.

I have solved φ with the equation wxyz^4=φ where wxyz is occupied by the calendar function X8, when wxyz provides all real prime consonants in real computing form. The lavender GENR8 object solves for w, x, y or z in all conditions with all real computing situations. We have demonstrated this formula in our conception of the X8 alphabet and MONDEX8 language, which exist in a virtual new space called eighth generation technology. Eighth generation technology, (like the swype keyboard app, for instance) exists in its potential at the primary point of interface, and therefore potentially ‘runs’ everything. It’s literally in the interaction going on in our smartphone screen. You can think of it as a lid, which covers everything else. Our concept of this 8th generation academy is called X8 Taxonomy, as a language MONDEX8. This is privately owned by people like you and me in ownership of GENR8 TECHNOLOGY GROUP INC.

MONDEX8 is an end run play around the corporate hegemony which is starting to stink. MONDEX8 takes back everything, your data, your public image, your privacy, your security, your identity eventually, all is kept secure for you by MONDEX8, which you own. BUT, (big proviso), while you are secure and private MONDEX8 creates the most extraordinary connections and means to cooperate that humankind has ever brought. In its secure, pop-up free context, MONDEX8 advances us decades overnight, in 2020. We have all noticed time accelerating. Does it surprise you that I’m holding something new to you, something that took 20 years gestating to get to now? A ‘live’ personalized, private to you constantly evolving interface that has the potential to run your life for you? 

That’s my vision with ELEV8R.

Think of your cell phone screen as a membrane that remembers everything you do and commands everything that gets done. ELEV8R is an all-purpose modular interface that IS that membrane. Through ELEV8R your personal interface takes form, shaping itself to your desires interests and needs. This advanced artificial intelligence is possible through ELEV8R’s reliance on the MONDEX8 language and X8 taxonomy, which is biomimetic. The sensory system structurally baked into the taxonomy allows finely tuned intelligence networks that work with fuzzy-logic* (*real math thing), not simply binary (yes/no) decision-making, imitating your brain.

The thing is, the present plutocracy has a seventh generation stranglehold on us. This corporate oligopoly stifles human digital access to the fourth dimension, which permits communal connection on a much, much higher vibrational level than the third dimensional context we are mired in with present examples of online media providers. The seventh generation is represented by the siloing and corporate dimensioning of our data, which presently does not really belong to us at all, but to mercenary corporate interests competing for a stranglehold monopoly on our purse strings. They have zero interest in our welfare, except as customers.   

The eighth generation is a necessary, IMO, reversal, in which people jump ahead of companies and develop leapfrog technology owned by anyone who created the data. That would be you and me. This sounds far fetched in the current dynamic, but so did electric cars a few years ago. 

Due to the acceleration of mobile technology, MONDEX8 is now possible. This is something I did for you (and me also). MONDEX8 provides you with the opportunity to be connected on the inside track of a brand new design technology that supersedes and levers all prior technology, generating a new, higher phase value for Phi. The consequences of this are potentially greater than all the impact of the internet yet. The increase in efficiency is expected to approach Phi,

Because you and the universe are not two things.

If you play the game you are only here, you will feel pushed around, but if you give up trying to get away you will realize there is no point whatsoever to get away to, anyway. Where is away? There is no away. There is only space. Space and time are relatives that Phi plays with.

If you are bright you may begin to realize some things and so next get to concentration. Concentrate the mind on one point. This can be absolutely fascinating. For instance focus on a spot and UNFOCUS your gaze. Examine the pattern of blur, you cannot realize through fear.

Watch out for entrenched thinking, that everyone’s a thief, a crook, a liar, this line of thinking can quickly slip into fascism, to its terror of outsiders, to ‘us’ and ‘them’, see South. Instead, I hold a lavender object in my hand. This is not to separate us, this is to connect you and me.

It is said that

Calm seas don’t make great sailors.
We suffer to grow spiritually.

Working on the edge of the supernatural I have found this thing.

What is the shape of this lavender GENR8 object?

Simply this, the lavender object is a compact, all-purpose sophisticated real-time communications model created in CANADA. It “looks” like a colorful spreadsheet on an office-size piece of paper, with a lot of words and some numbers on it. It is nearly rectangular.

It has a name, taxonomy, language and application. These are GENR8 X8 MONDEX8 ELEV8R. Its purpose is to generate discovery through congruence. This describes general agreement of basis and terms.  

A communication concept so neat, so principled, so exact, so large in scope and so beautifully small, compact and modular in size, it could only come from the true north strong and free. It is a compact modular taxonomy with in-built grammar and standard meta terms designed for general communications use. Imagine a credit card with Your Name on it, instead of the Mastercard or Visa logo. That’s ultimately the power of MONDEX8. The shift in financial systems that came with credit cards is nothing to the shift in human potential with MONDEX8.

MONDEX8 currency: plan

  • turning technology into systems
  • turning peak into quadrants 1-5, 5=all=lok
  • your own local currency brand
  • neon orange pink green purple*
  • pastel pink blue salmon mint*

*You understand I am omitting code here

  • your own currency offer / security
  • foreground colour: offer
  • background colour: unit

Find your perfect pitch.

Showcase your product or service to its greatest advantage: ELEV8R

Find your hidden secret and say goodbye to fumbles forever.

As though there is a ‘secret sauce’ inside of you that only you can’t see directly, it is like “looking” at your forehead. By design, impossible. All we ever see is an image or a reflection of our faces.

We set ALL that aside inside this new context called GENR8 ELEV8R.

  1. That is the context of my offer at The Media Lab ( which I encourage you to check out. The special starting rate Explorer group joining now in February will begin together in March/April. PayPal online or message with questions.
  2. Also, you may want to subscribe to my blog on an AI character called The Elevator Pilot (, scroll to the bottom to subscribe. Can you imagine Pilot’s sex life?
  3. Finally, if you or someone you know could be a potential partner, investor, advisor or commercial interest in a person-owned transition to real AI technology in 2020, please forward this, or message me directly please. There is a super basic illustration at MONDEX8 Biomimetic Artificial Intelligence, Branding, Economy at with more at I am actively interested in conversations with possible partners, especially those bringing leverage and economy.

Bryce Maynard Winter is a writer, speaker, author, and brand architect. Bryce is focused on brands and technology architecture.

Potential Partner Communities:

  • Wisdom Community
  • Landmark Community
  • AI Community
  • FundRaising Community
  • Startup Community
  • UI/UX Community


Getting Your Message Across

Structural, Immediate and Generative Language(s)

When we discuss Language, we often speak as though there is only one sort, or kind, of language, for instance: English, or HTML. For this to be true, however, requires that Language presences all three aspects of communication through language, which include:

  1. Structural Language: contextual
  2. Immediate Language: visceral
  3. Generative Language: new
  • Structural Language communicates contextually, like your environment.
  • Immediate Language communicates viscerally, like tone or cadence.
  • Generative Language presences new results, like commitment can.

When all three are present and harmonious in our language we develop an authentic presence, a sense that others are getting our true self, truly expressed.

Setting Up For Sharing: Getting Your Message Across

Real language, therefore, may be considered an effective combination of structural, immediate and generative languages into one time-space continuum. This is why speaking immediately and directly with one other person, especially face-to-face, may be such an intense experience. We relay streams of contextual data by being, and simply being in the presence of this provides for a visceral quality to others and even oneself.

When we relay new information, using generative language, we do so within a context of structural and immediate language. These communicate quickly, far too quickly for generative language to “outrun” them. This is why messages and message delivery must be harmonious if messages are to be received. Put another way, the context of message delivery may be considered decisive in terms of the intended consequence or intent of the message. If you want to get your message across, you have to set up a listener.

Learn more in The Elevator Pilot.

3G Recipe For Success

Are you being reasonable?

That’s your first mistake.

Are You Present? #3G #lifelessons

Pictured above is my friend Benjamin Jordan, paragliding over the Rocky Mountains. Ben holds a record for longest and speediest flights across the Rockies and he also runs a number of foreign aid projects in his spare time, providing sustainable work and development to some of the poorest areas of the world. Oh, and he is an indie film-maker. Ben is one heck of an amazing, unreasonable guy. I did that to him.

Here’s how.

When I met Ben he was working as a freelance photographer in downtown Toronto winding down from a pretty decent scam he had managed to figure out through coding on the web. The way Ben saw it there were no real losers, it was all corporate, so what? I admired his brazenness and that the way he did it he could not get caught. I also thought he had an amazing eye for pictures and I could understand that he was really financing his startup ‘by hook or by crook’ as the saying goes; and hey, who did not bend the rules at first…

Here is a candid emotional picture Ben caught of me with my Mother behind me, listening to my sister Aurora speak at my mother’s 70th birthday party, an event I designed and produced at the Planetarium.

At first, I found Ben a bit difficult to work with. He had the typical ‘me-first’ attitude and he had a bit of stuff going on in the background. But there was something I saw, so I persisted in mentoring Benjamin in aspects of his life for a number of years while I was doing event production. Later we were even roommates for a while at the beautiful house on Rivercrest Road. When I participated in the Landmark Forum, I invited Ben along as well, because I thought he would get a lot. He did, including an incredibly sexy and beautiful girlfriend, named Iryna, who I had met at one of the Landmark courses. Iryna went on to become an amazing psychologist with a beautiful life story as well. But that is a story for another day.

Ben and I went on to participate in a number of Landmark courses and seminars and learned a lot that helped turn Ben into what he is today. Ben is someone who is at choice in his life: now living exactly the life he designed for himself. Now he has taught me as well. I am now getting what Ben got sooner than I did. Thanks for never giving up, Ben!

Ben gave my mother this smile and then he captured it forever. I’m glad I didn’t give up on Ben.

Here is the key distinction that I think got Ben the life he leads today.

the distinction of being at choice:


  • Decision: to select based on consideration
  • Choice: to select freely and after consideration

Note the difference? There is freedom in choice not present in decision. This is because decision is limited by reason. Reasonable is a subsistence way to live, there is nothing wrong there; it is just that nothing very fun happens here (at reasonable).

When we get beyond the reasons why we do things, life opens up and richness is exposed and becomes available to us.

Being at choice makes Ben an amazing photographer. He chooses to create and catch amazing moments. Here is a relaxed moment at my Mother’s house in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Nobody went to the moon, got married, went paragliding or had kids by being reasonable. Likewise, no one invented sticky notes, created alternating current or perfected smartphones by being reasonable. No. Reasonable people stop at status quo. Unreasonable people push. They push what’s possible. They push their idea, their practice, their passion. They push the envelope. They’re unreasonable.

Putting this into practice, however, is another thing. That is why I have come up with this simple, easy to remember 3G ‘recipe’ designed to leave us at choice (and ultimately at the source for our own lives).

Forget 4G, the real opportunity today is 3G all around us

(Works even when there’s zero bars.)
Way more powerful than a smartphone!

Bryce with sister Aurora, captured by Benjamin Jordan

3G Recipe for Happiness

This is a recipe you should add as much as possible to, just keep it balanced. Sticking to it is required for lasting effect–the good news is, it gets easier the more you do it!

  1. Gratitude and appreciation in the present for PAST
  2. Grace to embrace what is offered in the PRESENT
  3. Radical Generosity in the present creates FUTURE

All this: INSTEAD OF and/or in CONTRAST to

  1. Taking for granted
  2. Assuming
  3. Putting yourself first or last

Notice how everything only occurs in the present.

The present is our only opportunity.

Ben caught Bryce during an unsuspecting moment in a backyard hot tub.

Questions to ask yourself?

  1. What or whom are you taking for granted?
  2. What do you assume about yourself, about others, about life?
  3. Where are you putting yourself first (be honest)? Where are you putting yourself last, as well?
Don’t think about: apply it today!
  • What is the root of the word wholesome?
  • Do you see how radical generosity includes ourselves?
  • How is accepting what is offered in the present wholesome?
  • What would be the benefit of embracing the whole of what is?
  • Can you see how true appreciation for the past would be peaceful?
  • Can you see how being radically generous with others today could create a better future?
Pitfalls to guard against:

Overthinking, for instance if you find yourself making ‘reasons’, especially lists of reasons for things. Reason is a helpful tool but a poor decision-maker as reason calibration excludes higher vibrations of joy, love, appreciation, ecstasy etcetera, hallmarks of modes or ways of being beyond ‘REASONABLE’. It could be said, indeed, that you only begin life when you start to be UNREASONABLE!

PERSEUS Price is a Conversation

Price is a conversation.

Even if it says take it or leave it.

PERSEUS is the personification of price in the conversation. If you recall: It was PERSEUS who slayed the gorgon; PERSEUS, son of ZEUS, half-God PERSEUS of many adventures.

We approach pricing most attentively during episodes that impact PERSEUS, and therefore, that may have an impact on price. For instance, terms are an intrinsic aspect of price and therefore terms may not be set aside by PERSEUS. How is always relevant to PERSEUS.

PERSEUS is employed today.

GENR8 Technology uses PERSEUS as an acronym that describes price as a process. By employing a method in approaching price, we can begin to understand what brand markers matter in the marketplace, and therefore, how best to employ brand resources.

Throughout ELEV8R, we seek fuller knowledge in order to advantage reputation and therefore price. However, it is during the PERSEUS process; third in the four-cycle brand process that profit impact is instant. PERSEUS spelled out, according to GENR8 Technology Group Inc.’s CEO and founder is Personally Emotive Reciprocal Spirit Express Universal Solution

This may be more flowery language than people face often, in business anyway; but it turns out these seven words express on a mathematical level consistent with our understanding of harmonics and language the most precise description of the dynamic.

The cover of PERSEUS refers to movement and talks about a deploying a living brand message.

This is indeed the case. ACTION may be specifically called out as a central component of PERSEUS. Indeed movement is required to take action. All of PERSEUS occurs through the marketplace (and area around it), of which the most important ideas occur in action.

Whether movement occurs due to brand convenience, the actions of an agent, an advertisement or the earnest recommendation of friends; depends largely on reputation and relative brand positioning, especially including presence in real-time brand activities, like search.

Brand activities are all actions represented under the banner of your brand name.

Brand affects everyone from the morning guard to the night custodian and everyone in between. Brand is your value set and persona of expectations and desires, it is the common choir book you expect everyone to sing from.

Understanding that this may be, and indeed most often is, a thing separate from:

  • what is obvious
  • what everyone knows
  • what you believe
  • what you believe others believe
  • what you know

may be considered one of the paramount moments in brand management. This understanding underlies branding. Branding is a process of engaging others. Establishing the common choir book is paramount.

Fortunately we know from frequent study of brands over thirty years there really are only seven fundamental formulae. Successful brands rely on these seven formulae. This material is covered exhaustively elsewhere, yet here to reiterate the seven archetypes of branding are based on seven architectural forms, from House to Theater. Each of these resonates with its own specific truth and “true” conversation. 

Values expressed by these architectural forms may not be the same, nor are their value-chain or other expressions of strength. Each of the forms also starts resonating with a specific wavelength emotion. This may be skillfully forecast, therefore accelerating its arrival, through Architectonics design planning:

Color map for a six-figure fund-raiser: 2001 drawing concept executed by CANFAR in Toronto.

Once emotional baseline expectations are set and desired, technical work begins:

Because PERSEUS is half-God half-Man he works all angles. In this case, he works to develop a command of 64 terms of reference around SERVICE CUISINE for the case in point. Everything during this stage may be considered “geared to action” so while the entire ELEV8R taxonomy is set into RAM, so to speak; we are definitely drilling to connect with others. This is why everything about PERSEUS is filtered through the ACTIVE mindset:

ACTIVE, to remind us, is the third of four time human perspectives expressed by PEAK:

PEAK terms above DIRECTIONAL flow below.

So, while PERSEUS is present in every transaction, and in every brand and brand type or brand folio, and it consistently comes across through the “ACTIVE ACTION” perspective, this does not mean all brands act the same. Not at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. See the table below for the rich variety of potential actions that may be expressed by the proven formulae described following. This is important in considerations of cost consequent to narratively expressed competition and their approaches to price, relative to yours, and so on. At the PERSEUS stage of the consulting process there becomes little doubt as to which of the brand types you are operating from as the entire nature of the brand narrative including its relative flexibility or attention to price and the surrounding terms comes out of the jell-o mould, below:


PERSEUS can be approached as a project, like a one-off special event, or it may be approached as a systems approach general enough in nature that “PERSEUS Moments” can be daily, even frequent occurrences, for members interacting with your brand. Any time action takes place, people ask themselves, through the character on the right side of the table above.

MEMBERSHIP in SERVICE CUISINE PILOT is required for further access.


This foundation program is a prerequisite to understanding ELEV8R brand technology.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – OCTOBER 16: Julia Child at her home in Cambridge, Mass., October 16, 1975. (Photo by Ulrike Welsch/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

SERVICE-CUISINE was invented to provide easy access to understanding brand concepts. Represented by the Waiter and the Chef, Service and Cuisine are the classic “front-of-house” and “back-of-house” concepts, simplified and brought to a new age of thinkers.

These concepts are represented by two larger-than-life characters.

Imagine a stereotypical, even exaggerated waiter.
He is smiling, he is cheerful, he is encouraging.
He is personable, larger than life, imaginative.

SERVICE is a larger than life WAITER

With all his exaggerated, patient mannerisms, he sells us on himself, and his reward is a feeling of special, local authority through which he peddles connection. The truth is, however, he has little control over what the kitchen produces. What you see on the menu is what you get. The waiter brings things out from the kitchen, and returns used things yet has no opportunity to change contents.


In contrast, imagine a stereotypical, even exaggerated chef who holds total control on what comes out of the kitchen. Chef’s typically are not concerned with connection. They OWN local authority. No, the chef’s needs are different from the waiter’s. The chef requires consumption of her production, so needs consumers. She also needs someone to take away finished menu items as well as to deliver or resource recipe ingredients.

CUISINE is represented by a CHEF*:

Julia Child Wikipedia

*In the case of CHEF we have an actual iconic representation by the already publicly admitted Julia Child. Note her commanding presence, she is the opposite of the obsequious waiter!

This is how brands are composed and comprised. In fact, look at any good business and you will find these concepts woven throughout organization. Note throughout we will be binding together two almost opposing energies, this is what produces brand energy and growth and why we term this a ‘brand binary’.


Note you could continue this table indefinitely with contrasting, essential elements of both the Waiter and the Chef. You could certainly list a page’s worth.

Considerations of GROWTH:

  1. Maintaining consistent direction
  2. ‘Filling in’ with local consistent with the overall concepts
  3. Fueling growth, money flow, including price, deposit ratio, spread and marketing costs.

Each of these items must be addressed and taken care of, or growth will eventually be halted.

This is how branding may be brought to bear fruit with best effect during periods of reorganization and growth, for it is during these times that introduction of new processes, materials, collateral or otherwise because they must naturally be brought forward then, anyway, what better way than to do so intentionally with deliberation?

Considerations of SERVICE-CUISINE point us to two distinct, intrinsic process aspects at play at all times in the production and delivery of goods and or services. And, these two intrinsic processes also have quite distinct personas, skills, areas of focus and knowledge. In fact, many times in franchise situations these areas are separated so distinctly that kitchens are literally located offsite. [Tim Hortons]

You can not have SERVICE without CUISINE, for without CUISINE there would be nothing to SERVE. Similarly, without SERVICE, CUISINE would end up with a kitchen full of food and no way to pay for or serve things.

Marcus Engman Design will kill marketing, says Ikea’s former design chief

Once you realize the intrinsic logic to straightforward binary aspect of process, your capacity will be unlocked in terms of all manner of business processes and topics. It is a fact that much of your frustration and impatience may dissolve when you understand with clarity this distinction, and its inevitable outcome.

The following four statements all relate an item from the perspective of SERVICE to CUISINE’s:

  • It is in this way that DESIGN may not be separated from MARKETING [think IKEA]
  • How MARKETING may not be separate from PRODUCT DESIGN [think BMW]
  • Way PRODUCT DESIGN isn’t separable from MANUFACTURING [think LVMH]
  • BRAND (a piece of B-S EQUITY) is not deliverable without BRANDING [an activity]


Increasing the potential on your balance sheet may be done directly through BRANDING.

There are many reasons and applications of this including further improving the BRAND VALUE through increasing BRAND EQUITY and leveraging assets.

Correctly assumed, the activity of branding may be considered the direct and central idea of every brand, therefore it is also possible that it is everyone’s job, all the time.

This is to say, it is everyone’s job, all the time, to execute on the missions, values, vision and purpose of the brand to the best of his, her or their abilities. The success of this depends on the depth of integrity which may be brought forward; as since we are talking about everyone’s job, it had better be a very clear and precise thing we are setting out to do!

This last point, being precision on purpose, is where ELEV8R brand technology comes into play, so where we realized we needed a soft onboarding process getting people, companies, brands existence into play in a way that instructs as it engages as it develops new concepts and opportunities. SERVICE CUISINE PILOT was conceived as an onboarding process for brands.

Brands evolve, which is why we talk more about ascension more than brand growth.

Branding, more than anything else could be considered an iterative process. So you had better know what you are iterating! You could ascend, but you could also descend! This is why branding is a precision science. We will reduce risk. Now, more than ever, it is a science, since Architectonics and GENR8 matrix technology, now published, beginning with The Matriarchy of Brands (Feb 2019).

In this process, brands gradually move more and more into their own, shedding disguises and rasping off rough edges that do not belong. In this way forward momentum is developed on a circuitous route that loops back, again and again over conversational territory, coming ever-closer to the ‘truth’.

Truth, when it comes to brands is a matter of congruency both in narrative filaments and facts. In this sense truth is both relative and attainable by facing objects serendipitously.

Filament definition is – a single thread or a thin flexible threadlike object, process, or appendage

Serendipity definition is – the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also : an instance of this.

How do we deal with exceptions?


What story is your brand really telling?


What is brand ascension and why may it be (EVEN) more important than brand growth?


Why brands financially outperform unbranded organizations by 30% (according to S&P)


Find answers to all the missing elements of your brand, today.

Reward System

You want state-of-the-art rewards, recognition and registration systems for your brand.

You need to retain equity and 100% control.

You must move business ahead.

What should you do?

Until recently, there were very limited answers.

Either you could try and come up with your own points rewards program, typically a six or seven figure investment; or you could subscribe to a handful of “air miles”-type programs that offer “white labelling” services of their old school reward systems at a substantial upfront cost and ongoing cost–with a suite of features you can’t control, don’t need, and points you never own.

ELEV8R is different.

ELEV8R is GENR8 Technology Group’s exclusive wholesale loyalty and rewards system.

ELEV8R is different because:

  • You call the shots.
  • You keep 100% control of your brand and 
  • Your customers get a state-of-the-art rewards and certificate program that:
    • Improves customer loyalty
    • Increases average purchase amount
    • Grows your business faster than any other single mechanism available.

Plus, you get to:

Use (and, in time own a piece of) the only next generation rewards program that integrates cryptocurrency rewards, is designed for human evolution and produces:

  • Personal productivity, 
  • Financial incentives, and 
  • Business answers. 

How does it work?

Your GENR8 Coach will work with you to develop the perfect script and formula for your brand. And, we never share exclusivity! If we work with you we guarantee none of your competitors will be our customers. You pay a flat monthly amount, to start. This includes business analysis, coaching, consulting and brand services. All from the comfort of your location. You never have to leave your business. As a 21st century brand, GENR8 Technology offers personalized, live remote services with experienced coach consultants with deep knowledge in your area.

ELEV8R brings the insight of artificial intelligence to your business, informing your people and providing valuable insight about real-world behavior and ultimately; knowledge about your brand, your business and your customers faster and more methodically than anything done before and it costs less.

Step 1:

Analysis and retainer. A coach will take a deep dive into your proposal or business and provide input or analysis of risk factors as well as opportunities, with you.

Step 2:

Coach-consulting process. A coach will have one to six or more sessions with you and further establish opportunities, limits, details and discuss ways forward. Usually, you will develop a formal plan or project document during this step. Your coach-consultant may help with writing, research or even temporary artwork during this process. The amount of help they provide is dependant on you, your actions and abilities; and the potential we see in your project.

Step 3: DON’T MISS THIS CRUCIAL STEP ‘meat+potatoes’ here

Brand speculation & specification: Outline. Mockups for name, slogans, logos and other artwork are developed. Consider everything developed during this step a ‘placeholder’ (something that may be eventually be used, but probably not). In the meantime; work with it as if it were. This is the fastest way forward and is called a heuristic, (a common-sense, guesstimate or intuitive approach that prioritizes action and getting it right by stages).

Step 4:

Exclusive Implementation: Script development. Your business coach knows and understands depths and levels of language, sales processes and brand development and will work with you to develop the words and actions that make sense to propel your business ahead, on a very practical, sales-floor level. No other rewards system takes this time to be so specifically tailored to your brand, your market and your business needs. 

It’s business-coach consulting with a brand reward system.

The purpose of the system is to build reputation and commercial value for all parties concerned.

Services include business coaching and brand consulting:

  • Business coaching includes time reservation slots as well as specific relationships, collateral systems and reportage; including financing structures. 
  • Brand consulting includes specific knowledge, documentation, communication and organization including business planning and certain reward structures.


  • EXCLUSIVITY: GENR8 promises exclusive services in your area of specialization,
  • MONTHLY RETAINER: on-time receipt of monthly retainer,
  • SPECIFIC COMMUNICATIONS: Regular connection at mutually agreed-upon times,
  • COMMITMENT TO RELATIONSHIP including coachability and keeping a safe space.
  • It’s a brand coaching program
  • It’s a brand consulting system
  • It is a coach consulting reward system for growing brands

ELEV8R Brand Technology For Growing Brands

  1. Low-cost retainer-only discovery period
  2. Combined coaching + consulting model brings fresh perspectives quickly
  3. Mixes advanced training technology with innovative brand perspectives
  4. Asks the hard questions before your investors (or customers) do
  5. Builds team spirit, actions and values

Use the ELEV8R system to build your twenty-first century business or brand faster and better than traditional approaches that cost more, produce mediocre results and that everyone else already has, giving you no competitive advantage whatsoever.

In contrast, GENR8’s ELEV8R technology, based on leading art and science of our day presents a new, comprehensive relationship-based, human-values loyalty mechanism linking with today’s needs and many future and coming-soon technologies, like crypto-currency, augmented reality and intention-based GUIs.

Traditional retailer loyalty approachesGENR8 Technology’s brand ELEV8R
Cost more. Require multiple vendors to deliver same services unintegratedCost-effective. Single service covers your integrated brand development and customer loyalty needs
Produces mediocre results by being boxy corporate programs you have no input inProduces classy, stellar results by tapping into people’s virtual reality, building real-world engagement
Everyone else already has, so no competitive advantage to youExclusive relationships guaranteed to be yours alone in your category of success!

Costs, trial period:

  1. The ELEV8R program costs $220 a month per unit (plus tax) to get started for the first 90-days. 
  2. You or GENR8 may cancel without penalty in first 90 days.
  3. A 90-day cancellation policy over a 12-month commitment follows the first 90 days.

Depending on your level of interest and involvement, costs following the attainment of financial goals range from a minimum of one and a half percent of gross sales up to eleven percent, depending on the details of arrangements that are almost entirely customizable and therefore that will be quoted in detail, following the initial 90-day trial period.

Coaching requirements, expectations:

ELEV8R requires a detailed, consensual, harmonious and integrated environment to bring its theater-style benefits to brands. We look for coachability and a commitment of trust.

Please see our documentation on coachability and holding a safe space, for details. 

Consulting requirements, expectations:

GENR8 Technology has tremendous breadth and ability to deliver effective, professional documents, facilitate fantastic messaging and deliver ‘magical’ digital systems. In exchange we ask that you respect our process in providing the time and attention to go through the processes while together we learn what is your ideal application of this powerful branding technology.
Get started today!

Failure for Organizations that don’t embrace Personal Development

Organizations are doomed to continue to commit the fundamental fallacies and errs in judgement as the people who run them—basically the people in charge. After all, how can a company, your brand, be smarter than the people running it? It does not make sense at all. This is why personal development of leaders is as essential as organizational growth and development is. Leaders who fail to develop in the new millennium period fail to lead markets. Our world today needs leaders who think beyond personal prejudices. This is why I am unafraid to tell people from potential partners to employees to clients and shareholders that I invite them to take advantage of the good personal development work available at Landmark Worldwide globally. It works. 

Landmark Worldwide

Change alone is not enough. Leaders must grow in wisdom, maturity, skill and understanding, Times we live in demand this level of physical, mental and emotional rigor, for today’s market is global. It does not matter what product, good or named service you sell; today’s sale is within the global context in which consumers (from employers to students) turn first to smartphones and search, no matter what their desires. This means your global reputation is of the utmost relevance as it directly impacts your global brand, because price is based on global demand.

PERSEUS: on Price Potential (article coming soon)

Make no mistakes, the tilted poker table representing capitalist and consumer markets today are a crazy quilt of philosophies, systems and practices designed more to obfuscate than elucidate. Winning is tough. However, and this is the big IF that makes it possible, if you are willing to take on your personal ‘demons’ and so, successfully set aside personal and professional prejudices in favor of third-party observable facts and nuance, it means that today, more than ever, you can succeed globally because the knowledge of how to do so is now delivered and globally available. My own book, Signs & Symbols of Success,  demonstrates this in the field of documenting the hidden psychology of brands and branding.

Signs & Symbols of Success, on Amazon

Leaders of organizations as diverse as Lululemon, Joey’s and NASA sponsor employees in the Landmark Forum because they know that having more open, wide-aware minds in their employees can only benefit them in the long run. Top-down organization of decision-making is not sufficient in an age of distributed processes and distributed brands. Organizational components must be empowered to think for themselves, enabling nimble processes and lean management that align with local brand resources, needs and plans.

This is most effective with people who are enabled of their own intrinsic potential.

Huffington Post: The Truth About Landmark

I am committed to both the growth of individual human potential and enabling brand technology that greatly increases market operating efficiency. Learn more at:

Architectonics / 7 Secrets To Branding Anything

Between the Mysterious and the Mundane

3-5 minutes. All life (as we know it) occurs between the mysterious and the mundane. Mysterious, because at a fundamental level we are unaware of the basic mechanisms that give rise to consciousness, awareness and the universe. Mundane, because we are all too aware of our physical reality and the slow, plodding way that connects us with our bodies and each other.

Mysterious, because we do not know where from the flash of insight, the brilliant intuition or the miraculous. Mundane, because we know so well that these bodies have a shelf life and while seemingly sturdy, are here for but the flash of an instant in cosmological terms.

Our reach, our boundaries, are often defined in and by language. But language has its limits. Language is not reality, but we try to describe life through language. Life is irrational and to reduce it to language is to create a simulacrum of reality; not reality. This is a central paradox of human existence; one which we have struggled with for millennia.

How do we access the mysterious when all of our visible tools are mundane? Through the ages we have answered with art, through music, in dance and a perpetual quest for what we call ‘the mystery of life’ through spirituality: including meditation, religious practice and dream-states.

My quest is wrapped in me, interwoven through the mundane activity of my physique. Always, left and right have been my awkward friends. My left side, mysterious and adept. My right side, mundane and somewhat awkward. How do they relate with each other, and why do they sometimes seem at odds??

My mother, at peace now, was wont to point out we both shared a ‘sinister’ quality—that of being left-handed. She told me how the word sinister came from the Latin word for left, in fact. This cultural prejudice was one she felt was worth pointing out, and indeed, it did often seem as though the other, right-handed, members of our family did think and sometimes act quite differently—more rationally, but with less understanding of ‘true’ reality. Now I see in my own self, how both of these sides are embodied. How both the mysterious and the mundane are in me; and how we must work together, no matter how awkwardly at first.

For me, this has long been a battle between the sides of my brain. The right side, controlling my left, the left side controlling my right. In my ‘right mind’ I am clever, clear and correct, if not always concise. And in my rational mind, I am logical, linear, neat, productive. But each side, from time to time, battles for control, often leaving me feeling like a war-torn battlefield in-between, and both myself and others fatigued, if not exhausted, by the strife.

What to do? I think it is time (high time) we took to embracing our duality without the need to appoint superiority of either polarity. Does not the earth spinning on its axis have both a north and a south pole? Could it possibly exist with only one? Maybe it’s time to re-examine our “sinister” side, as well as our “right”, and see if we cannot come to a more cooperative union.

What is in the distance between the mysterious and the mundane? Humanity.

Thorny problem? Maybe you need an OUTLIER!

What is an outlier?

2-5 minutes: This short article is about the value of outliers, to you!

An outlier is a different sort of person with a different sort of perspective.


A few years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a best-selling book, called Outliers. It is all about these sort of people and the strengths they bring to enterprise. Instead of taking a couple days to read that book, here are the basic benefits in a couple of minutes.

This is how Google defines outlier in words:


When is it useful to have access to an outlier?

  • When perspective is needed
  • When a new proposition requires articulation
  • When two or more overlapping groups want to consolidate or connect
  • When something new wants to be born
  • When there is already enough status quo
  • When it’s time for something different / new
  • When existing solutions fail to deliver satisfaction
  • When advancing condition is paramount
  • When solutions have been exhausted.

Fine: I could use an outlier. How do I find one?

In the first place, an outlier may be seeking you, or right in front of you already! To find an outlier that may be able to meaningfully contribute to you and your success:

  • Open your ‘filters’ to look beyond conventional criteria
  • Look for signs and symbols of success beyond what’s expected
  • Make a distinction between Power and Force: outliers are Powerful! (Read Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, an outstanding intellect and outlier)
  • Outliers have access to a lot of power through their ‘outside the box’ perspective. Understand outlier relationship to reality. Outliers ‘own’ their own reality. Your job is to catch up, not necessarily direct theirs.

The overall lesson of Outliers is to look beyond form. That means throw away your process, expectation, judgement, attitudes and prejudices and just listen, look and see. Don’t spend time processing irrelevant criteria like specific education, job history, age, gender, as well, including non-binary and other loosely defined people. These people may be just what you may be looking for!

Still not sure? Message us on our Facebook page.