Reward System

You want state-of-the-art rewards, recognition and registration systems for your brand.

You need to retain equity and 100% control.

You must move business ahead.

What should you do?

Until recently, there were very limited answers.

Either you could try and come up with your own points rewards program, typically a six or seven figure investment; or you could subscribe to a handful of “air miles”-type programs that offer “white labelling” services of their old school reward systems at a substantial upfront cost and ongoing cost–with a suite of features you can’t control, don’t need, and points you never own.

ELEV8R is different.

ELEV8R is GENR8 Technology Group’s exclusive wholesale loyalty and rewards system.

ELEV8R is different because:

  • You call the shots.
  • You keep 100% control of your brand and 
  • Your customers get a state-of-the-art rewards and certificate program that:
    • Improves customer loyalty
    • Increases average purchase amount
    • Grows your business faster than any other single mechanism available.

Plus, you get to:

Use (and, in time own a piece of) the only next generation rewards program that integrates cryptocurrency rewards, is designed for human evolution and produces:

  • Personal productivity, 
  • Financial incentives, and 
  • Business answers. 

How does it work?

Your GENR8 Coach will work with you to develop the perfect script and formula for your brand. And, we never share exclusivity! If we work with you we guarantee none of your competitors will be our customers. You pay a flat monthly amount, to start. This includes business analysis, coaching, consulting and brand services. All from the comfort of your location. You never have to leave your business. As a 21st century brand, GENR8 Technology offers personalized, live remote services with experienced coach consultants with deep knowledge in your area.

ELEV8R brings the insight of artificial intelligence to your business, informing your people and providing valuable insight about real-world behavior and ultimately; knowledge about your brand, your business and your customers faster and more methodically than anything done before and it costs less.

Step 1:

Analysis and retainer. A coach will take a deep dive into your proposal or business and provide input or analysis of risk factors as well as opportunities, with you.

Step 2:

Coach-consulting process. A coach will have one to six or more sessions with you and further establish opportunities, limits, details and discuss ways forward. Usually, you will develop a formal plan or project document during this step. Your coach-consultant may help with writing, research or even temporary artwork during this process. The amount of help they provide is dependant on you, your actions and abilities; and the potential we see in your project.

Step 3: DON’T MISS THIS CRUCIAL STEP ‘meat+potatoes’ here

Brand speculation & specification: Outline. Mockups for name, slogans, logos and other artwork are developed. Consider everything developed during this step a ‘placeholder’ (something that may be eventually be used, but probably not). In the meantime; work with it as if it were. This is the fastest way forward and is called a heuristic, (a common-sense, guesstimate or intuitive approach that prioritizes action and getting it right by stages).

Step 4:

Exclusive Implementation: Script development. Your business coach knows and understands depths and levels of language, sales processes and brand development and will work with you to develop the words and actions that make sense to propel your business ahead, on a very practical, sales-floor level. No other rewards system takes this time to be so specifically tailored to your brand, your market and your business needs. 

It’s business-coach consulting with a brand reward system.

The purpose of the system is to build reputation and commercial value for all parties concerned.

Services include business coaching and brand consulting:

  • Business coaching includes time reservation slots as well as specific relationships, collateral systems and reportage; including financing structures. 
  • Brand consulting includes specific knowledge, documentation, communication and organization including business planning and certain reward structures.


  • EXCLUSIVITY: GENR8 promises exclusive services in your area of specialization,
  • MONTHLY RETAINER: on-time receipt of monthly retainer,
  • SPECIFIC COMMUNICATIONS: Regular connection at mutually agreed-upon times,
  • COMMITMENT TO RELATIONSHIP including coachability and keeping a safe space.
  • It’s a brand coaching program
  • It’s a brand consulting system
  • It is a coach consulting reward system for growing brands

ELEV8R Brand Technology For Growing Brands

  1. Low-cost retainer-only discovery period
  2. Combined coaching + consulting model brings fresh perspectives quickly
  3. Mixes advanced training technology with innovative brand perspectives
  4. Asks the hard questions before your investors (or customers) do
  5. Builds team spirit, actions and values

Use the ELEV8R system to build your twenty-first century business or brand faster and better than traditional approaches that cost more, produce mediocre results and that everyone else already has, giving you no competitive advantage whatsoever.

In contrast, GENR8’s ELEV8R technology, based on leading art and science of our day presents a new, comprehensive relationship-based, human-values loyalty mechanism linking with today’s needs and many future and coming-soon technologies, like crypto-currency, augmented reality and intention-based GUIs.

Traditional retailer loyalty approachesGENR8 Technology’s brand ELEV8R
Cost more. Require multiple vendors to deliver same services unintegratedCost-effective. Single service covers your integrated brand development and customer loyalty needs
Produces mediocre results by being boxy corporate programs you have no input inProduces classy, stellar results by tapping into people’s virtual reality, building real-world engagement
Everyone else already has, so no competitive advantage to youExclusive relationships guaranteed to be yours alone in your category of success!

Costs, trial period:

  1. The ELEV8R program costs $220 a month per unit (plus tax) to get started for the first 90-days. 
  2. You or GENR8 may cancel without penalty in first 90 days.
  3. A 90-day cancellation policy over a 12-month commitment follows the first 90 days.

Depending on your level of interest and involvement, costs following the attainment of financial goals range from a minimum of one and a half percent of gross sales up to eleven percent, depending on the details of arrangements that are almost entirely customizable and therefore that will be quoted in detail, following the initial 90-day trial period.

Coaching requirements, expectations:

ELEV8R requires a detailed, consensual, harmonious and integrated environment to bring its theater-style benefits to brands. We look for coachability and a commitment of trust.

Please see our documentation on coachability and holding a safe space, for details. 

Consulting requirements, expectations:

GENR8 Technology has tremendous breadth and ability to deliver effective, professional documents, facilitate fantastic messaging and deliver ‘magical’ digital systems. In exchange we ask that you respect our process in providing the time and attention to go through the processes while together we learn what is your ideal application of this powerful branding technology.
Get started today!

Published by

Bryce Winter

Bryce Winter is the Publisher of School For Life, GENR8 Technologies and as well as the PEAK diagnostic system. Winter is resident Architect at ARCHITECTONICS.CA and is the Author and Producer of MarkBrandGroupShares, the PEAK authoring and indexing system as well as Signs and Symbols of Success, a treatise on the archetypes of brand architecture today with a focus on color.

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