PERSEUS Price is a Conversation

Price is a conversation.

Even if it says take it or leave it.

PERSEUS is the personification of price in the conversation. If you recall: It was PERSEUS who slayed the gorgon; PERSEUS, son of ZEUS, half-God PERSEUS of many adventures.

We approach pricing most attentively during episodes that impact PERSEUS, and therefore, that may have an impact on price. For instance, terms are an intrinsic aspect of price and therefore terms may not be set aside by PERSEUS. How is always relevant to PERSEUS.

PERSEUS is employed today.

GENR8 Technology uses PERSEUS as an acronym that describes price as a process. By employing a method in approaching price, we can begin to understand what brand markers matter in the marketplace, and therefore, how best to employ brand resources.

Throughout ELEV8R, we seek fuller knowledge in order to advantage reputation and therefore price. However, it is during the PERSEUS process; third in the four-cycle brand process that profit impact is instant. PERSEUS spelled out, according to GENR8 Technology Group Inc.’s CEO and founder is Personally Emotive Reciprocal Spirit Express Universal Solution

This may be more flowery language than people face often, in business anyway; but it turns out these seven words express on a mathematical level consistent with our understanding of harmonics and language the most precise description of the dynamic.

The cover of PERSEUS refers to movement and talks about a deploying a living brand message.

This is indeed the case. ACTION may be specifically called out as a central component of PERSEUS. Indeed movement is required to take action. All of PERSEUS occurs through the marketplace (and area around it), of which the most important ideas occur in action.

Whether movement occurs due to brand convenience, the actions of an agent, an advertisement or the earnest recommendation of friends; depends largely on reputation and relative brand positioning, especially including presence in real-time brand activities, like search.

Brand activities are all actions represented under the banner of your brand name.

Brand affects everyone from the morning guard to the night custodian and everyone in between. Brand is your value set and persona of expectations and desires, it is the common choir book you expect everyone to sing from.

Understanding that this may be, and indeed most often is, a thing separate from:

  • what is obvious
  • what everyone knows
  • what you believe
  • what you believe others believe
  • what you know

may be considered one of the paramount moments in brand management. This understanding underlies branding. Branding is a process of engaging others. Establishing the common choir book is paramount.

Fortunately we know from frequent study of brands over thirty years there really are only seven fundamental formulae. Successful brands rely on these seven formulae. This material is covered exhaustively elsewhere, yet here to reiterate the seven archetypes of branding are based on seven architectural forms, from House to Theater. Each of these resonates with its own specific truth and “true” conversation. 

Values expressed by these architectural forms may not be the same, nor are their value-chain or other expressions of strength. Each of the forms also starts resonating with a specific wavelength emotion. This may be skillfully forecast, therefore accelerating its arrival, through Architectonics design planning:

Color map for a six-figure fund-raiser: 2001 drawing concept executed by CANFAR in Toronto.

Once emotional baseline expectations are set and desired, technical work begins:

Because PERSEUS is half-God half-Man he works all angles. In this case, he works to develop a command of 64 terms of reference around SERVICE CUISINE for the case in point. Everything during this stage may be considered “geared to action” so while the entire ELEV8R taxonomy is set into RAM, so to speak; we are definitely drilling to connect with others. This is why everything about PERSEUS is filtered through the ACTIVE mindset:

ACTIVE, to remind us, is the third of four time human perspectives expressed by PEAK:

PEAK terms above DIRECTIONAL flow below.

So, while PERSEUS is present in every transaction, and in every brand and brand type or brand folio, and it consistently comes across through the “ACTIVE ACTION” perspective, this does not mean all brands act the same. Not at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. See the table below for the rich variety of potential actions that may be expressed by the proven formulae described following. This is important in considerations of cost consequent to narratively expressed competition and their approaches to price, relative to yours, and so on. At the PERSEUS stage of the consulting process there becomes little doubt as to which of the brand types you are operating from as the entire nature of the brand narrative including its relative flexibility or attention to price and the surrounding terms comes out of the jell-o mould, below:


PERSEUS can be approached as a project, like a one-off special event, or it may be approached as a systems approach general enough in nature that “PERSEUS Moments” can be daily, even frequent occurrences, for members interacting with your brand. Any time action takes place, people ask themselves, through the character on the right side of the table above.

MEMBERSHIP in SERVICE CUISINE PILOT is required for further access.

Published by

Bryce Winter

Bryce Winter is the Publisher of School For Life, GENR8 Technologies and as well as the PEAK diagnostic system. Winter is resident Architect at ARCHITECTONICS.CA and is the Author and Producer of MarkBrandGroupShares, the PEAK authoring and indexing system as well as Signs and Symbols of Success, a treatise on the archetypes of brand architecture today with a focus on color.

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