You are not stupid:

..but I can almost guarantee that by the time you have read this you will (at least for a few moments) pretend you are not smart enough to understand this. Don’t worry. Phi, you are.

You’ll also see why it’s me who might be missing something only you see. If so, I hope you’ll let me know. The ONLY difference I know between us: I have been focusing on one particular thing for a very long time that you haven’t. This one thing is VERY interesting and I want to share it with you today!

  • 1st warning: once you understand this you won’t want to go back to how your life was.
  • 2nd warning: I will ask you to do something for your health, wealth and happiness today.
  • 3rd warning: this is a long post. This info is for people who can concentrate.

An Open Letter To You:

Dear Human:

Like classroom bullies, we used to pretend that bad behavior to others was ‘deserved’ and that if you got beat up, you deserved it. Getting roughed around “toughens you up for the real world”. While we no longer endorse bullying, we haven’t truly lost this philosophy. When we excused bad behavior by saying we were doing the person good; this was based on the philosophy that pain IS our reality–and therefore more of it is good for us. 

There is no stronger punishment than separation. In everyday language this sounds something like: “YOU aren’t performing to my expectations, so I will withhold myself from you, until you do!” In this way we are no better than classroom bullies. This ‘power over’ dynamic is all over us, and we still excuse it. This strikes at the heart of the matter. The belief that, while pain is a universal human experience, that it actually IS reality. Life may be a game, but it does not have to be a game of masochism. Sadism is out of style, too. The idea that giving pain builds character, is a philosophy that goes something like: I have pain and I am formed by it. I have made mistakes and I am wrong and I ought to suffer. Since I have to suffer, you must suffer too.

This philosophy of pain you have, in reality, is the ultimate penitential philosophy. The hidden motive of all this doom and gloom and suffering talk is actually phony. Living the reality that pain is reality is actually just another really tricky way for the ego to stay in charge and to postpone true enlightenment. In this sense, nothing is more egotistical than true repentance. It is not real.

Our justice system works like this, as does our economy, the currency system and by extension, so do our businesses, brands, media and our information communication systems. All require us to sit up and dance, like a trained monkey, in order to perform. There’s nothing “wrong” with this system, by the way. It’s just that, like trash that’s been sitting too long, it’s beginning to reek. 

This all gets to my first question:

How can you find your perfect pitch in an off-kilter environment?

Finding your way in the world can take some time. Finding your IDEAL way in the world can take a while longer. So many people are retiring younger and looking for second careers and so many younger people struggle. The similarity? Neither group is satisfied, or ready to rest on its laurels. People are frustrated, they’re sometimes tired, they’re often cranky and maybe even a little angry. But they’re not done yet. 

How can you create a future if you aren’t already touching it? Co-create it?

I have been concerned with identity, branding in hindsight, for about as long as I could read. I guess that is about half a century. As a child, I was fascinated by the full-page advertisements for automobiles, insurance and industry that were in my parent’s old National Geographic, Time and Maclean’s magazines. As an adult I learned firsthand the extraordinary mechanisms through which brands wield extraordinary power that can cut through borders, rules, regulations, good taste or boundaries of all kinds.

The excitement and glamour of these airbrushed Madison Avenue photoshoots, with their “purple prose” and emotionally laden subtext carried me far away from the troubling backdrop of my parent’s marriage, which never really felt right to me (they eventually divorced when I was in my late 20s). In this way, I personally was inducted into the philosophy of PAIN = LIFE and that branded advertising, where people got along and enjoyed a beautiful, glamorous lifestyle, might somehow be the answer to the pain. That happiness could be bought.

This is perhaps a very strange thing for a young person to come up with, but perhaps not so unique. After all, isn’t our culture carried on popular media?

Now, I will admit that I am just a little “off the beaten track”. In fact, by one count I’ve got at least a half dozen ‘different’ things about me. I am left-handed. I am gay. I am blond. I had childhood surgery. I’m sensitive. Ostensibly, I’m a bit autistic. Apparently I related best to dogs and cats, people, not so much. But hey: who isn’t (at least a little) different?

In my case it just meant I took this far, deep and (for a long time, emotionally). As an adult I took up the cause of identity development and brand-making like an essential and foundational exercise. I studied, I worked.

I slept, ate and dreamt nothing but a full on comprehensive study of economy, currency systems, work, play, duopoly, megalopolises and efficiency, ergonomics, group politics, philosophy, jungian psychology and mobile technology as a whole for a while now, about twenty years. Before that, I was involved in live animation production in local marketing, magazine publishing and retailing of computing systems. 

You know what? I found the end of the rainbow, and you know what was there, my own tail!

This is no epiphany, any graduate student, of life, can tell you the big lie is that you are special enough to die yet. You are not, however neither can you choose directly when. Meanwhile what is left is to make the most of every moment.

After twenty years of planning, research, testing, failing, testing, failing, testing, failing and testing again (and again) it is to realize it is all experience and the only mistake might have been not to document more securely each and every lesson won. Moreover, it is my aim as an author to remedy this over the years to come and almost all is yet to be published.

And all of this, meant what?

The great taboo: is you.

Thanks to Freud, that great taboo is no longer sex.
The great taboo is to discover who you really are.

Alan Watts

If the game of the cosmos is hide and seek then when hide, dark has its day then when it’s seek, we have light and see what was hidden, in a tilted world? The truth is, for many people (most of us, or those at any rate who may be classified as ‘neurotypical’) the left hand literally does not know what the right hand is up to.

This is a function of current brain functioning and conditioning and is real.

When you discover you are a “phony”

This phony thing is a mask, did you know the word mask comes from the Greek for megaphone?

The masks in classical theater were megaphones.

The masks used in classical theaters had caricatured features with megaphones built into them for use of the actor to project better in an open air theatre. The word mask is equivalent to, IS the persona, the phony, the one who is NOT YOU. To discover you are phony through and through is to discover you are a big act.

To realize you are a phony is eventually to realize that all of artifice, human-kind, science, art, technology, music is a game piece and YOU are the game board. You get to make the mask.

That you are a game.

When you discover that then you wake up to find out who the player is. This makes you wonder who you have been being? This leads to what are behind all the phonies?

Your phony self is always on call.

The discovery of course is that the real you is not the isolated conscious ego, that is only a game being played all over the place and what there is is coextensive with the whole imperishable reality. The game though is hide and seek, while pretending that it is not.

This drives to, and through a number of ‘religious’ beliefs, including these 4 fundamental attitudes towards the human predicament:

Repentance — Rebellion
Resignation — Reincarnation, of ‘getting with life’

By the time you get to resignation, you have an aristocratic model. We are above it all and we resign. Being outside and above. Being bored. (Brands can act like this). The truly resigned always rise to social occasions without apparent effort. Everyone wants to be an Aristocrat, few are equipped.

The whole economy lives on promises. Money is just promises. The bourgeoisie live on promises, feeling happy not on what you have but what is to come. The proletarian wants it right now. This bourgeois attitude has been capitalized on thoroughly, however. Hoping you can achieve. You are involved in the world. You are engaged in the world. Upholding the going on of the great illusion.

You are playing for money, for position, for status and for success. Hoping above all that you can win. Hoping you can beat the game.

A guy says, the game is not worth it, ‘The richer I get, the more miserable I get.’ You’ve got enough money, now you’re worried about your health, or if not, then you’re worried about politics, or taxes or reclamation or climate change. So a person who goes through all that, sees finally, “I don’t think the game’s worth it: I’m going to resign.”

There are a lot of games we play, not only ‘Can I get one up on the universe, of pretending I’m this ego, this mask, and meta games like my game is better than your game, or you’re not playing? Even resignation is a game.

You are like children playing with toys: you haven’t woken up to the important concerns of life.

You haven’t reached the point of ultimate sincerity, that is to say ultimate reality.

To get there you have to resign from distractions.

You see a lot about meditation. About getting rid of wandering thoughts. Distractions are simply wandering thoughts. Choose something you can always concentrate on. You can concentrate on anything you choose. A light.

On the tip of your nose, on the centre of your forehead. Anything will do, just so long as you keep your mind on it. Stick to it. I have stuck mostly to one central organizing thing the past 20 years, called Phi φ. Wandering as well is a form of game. You try to get out. Can you stop competing with other human beings?

Alone you’re in the midst of a vast murmuring crowd, maybe not even human.

What does it mean when I’m in a trap that I can’t get out of? There’s no way of getting out of this trap! Well what it means is that you and the trap are the same thing. You’re not caught. Because when there’s nobody in the trap there’s no trap. Because so long as there’s no one in the trap, then you’re not trapped. So long as you think you are trapped, you are trapped, let go.

So long as you know you’re the trap then what has the trap got? If you’re trying to get out of the game you are trapped, but when you find out you are the game you are no longer trapped. Even in resigning I can’t resign: I have chosen to focus on one good thing.

That thing is to play a bigger game.

I MUST play this bigger game or I find myself in the same old place. Home is where the game is, here we are. It’s rather discovering to know the game is what there is and to get out of it would be nowhere. It’s rather discovering the game is what there is now.

Turns out this game has several names, beginning with the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet (φ). Phi represents the Constant. For humanity this is constrained through technology so for me Phi is the application of adjusting the universal constant in information communication technology. Put it this way, you’re not caught: I’m caught, red-handed. Here I am holding in my outstretched arm a lavender object. I have discovered an answer to Phi for technology. I call this X8

I am not a mathematician, but Phi is described in Wikipedia as, ahem ”the argument of a complex number, the phase of a wave in signal processing, the work function of a surface in solid-state physics, magnetic flux in physics and the golden ratio, not to mention the in probability characteristic function of a random variable X”. X can be literally anything. Let us say for the purpose of argument X is something you want to get done. Picture something!

You don’t have to play, you can, though.

It is that the playing is you, and nobody is shoving you around.

So, to boil it all down, φ solves the probable function of X.

I have solved φ with the equation wxyz^4=φ where wxyz is occupied by the calendar function X8, when wxyz provides all real prime consonants in real computing form. The lavender GENR8 object solves for w, x, y or z in all conditions with all real computing situations. We have demonstrated this formula in our conception of the X8 alphabet and MONDEX8 language, which exist in a virtual new space called eighth generation technology. Eighth generation technology, (like the swype keyboard app, for instance) exists in its potential at the primary point of interface, and therefore potentially ‘runs’ everything. It’s literally in the interaction going on in our smartphone screen. You can think of it as a lid, which covers everything else. Our concept of this 8th generation academy is called X8 Taxonomy, as a language MONDEX8. This is privately owned by people like you and me in ownership of GENR8 TECHNOLOGY GROUP INC.

MONDEX8 is an end run play around the corporate hegemony which is starting to stink. MONDEX8 takes back everything, your data, your public image, your privacy, your security, your identity eventually, all is kept secure for you by MONDEX8, which you own. BUT, (big proviso), while you are secure and private MONDEX8 creates the most extraordinary connections and means to cooperate that humankind has ever brought. In its secure, pop-up free context, MONDEX8 advances us decades overnight, in 2020. We have all noticed time accelerating. Does it surprise you that I’m holding something new to you, something that took 20 years gestating to get to now? A ‘live’ personalized, private to you constantly evolving interface that has the potential to run your life for you? 

That’s my vision with ELEV8R.

Think of your cell phone screen as a membrane that remembers everything you do and commands everything that gets done. ELEV8R is an all-purpose modular interface that IS that membrane. Through ELEV8R your personal interface takes form, shaping itself to your desires interests and needs. This advanced artificial intelligence is possible through ELEV8R’s reliance on the MONDEX8 language and X8 taxonomy, which is biomimetic. The sensory system structurally baked into the taxonomy allows finely tuned intelligence networks that work with fuzzy-logic* (*real math thing), not simply binary (yes/no) decision-making, imitating your brain.

The thing is, the present plutocracy has a seventh generation stranglehold on us. This corporate oligopoly stifles human digital access to the fourth dimension, which permits communal connection on a much, much higher vibrational level than the third dimensional context we are mired in with present examples of online media providers. The seventh generation is represented by the siloing and corporate dimensioning of our data, which presently does not really belong to us at all, but to mercenary corporate interests competing for a stranglehold monopoly on our purse strings. They have zero interest in our welfare, except as customers.   

The eighth generation is a necessary, IMO, reversal, in which people jump ahead of companies and develop leapfrog technology owned by anyone who created the data. That would be you and me. This sounds far fetched in the current dynamic, but so did electric cars a few years ago. 

Due to the acceleration of mobile technology, MONDEX8 is now possible. This is something I did for you (and me also). MONDEX8 provides you with the opportunity to be connected on the inside track of a brand new design technology that supersedes and levers all prior technology, generating a new, higher phase value for Phi. The consequences of this are potentially greater than all the impact of the internet yet. The increase in efficiency is expected to approach Phi,

Because you and the universe are not two things.

If you play the game you are only here, you will feel pushed around, but if you give up trying to get away you will realize there is no point whatsoever to get away to, anyway. Where is away? There is no away. There is only space. Space and time are relatives that Phi plays with.

If you are bright you may begin to realize some things and so next get to concentration. Concentrate the mind on one point. This can be absolutely fascinating. For instance focus on a spot and UNFOCUS your gaze. Examine the pattern of blur, you cannot realize through fear.

Watch out for entrenched thinking, that everyone’s a thief, a crook, a liar, this line of thinking can quickly slip into fascism, to its terror of outsiders, to ‘us’ and ‘them’, see South. Instead, I hold a lavender object in my hand. This is not to separate us, this is to connect you and me.

It is said that

Calm seas don’t make great sailors.
We suffer to grow spiritually.

Working on the edge of the supernatural I have found this thing.

What is the shape of this lavender GENR8 object?

Simply this, the lavender object is a compact, all-purpose sophisticated real-time communications model created in CANADA. It “looks” like a colorful spreadsheet on an office-size piece of paper, with a lot of words and some numbers on it. It is nearly rectangular.

It has a name, taxonomy, language and application. These are GENR8 X8 MONDEX8 ELEV8R. Its purpose is to generate discovery through congruence. This describes general agreement of basis and terms.  

A communication concept so neat, so principled, so exact, so large in scope and so beautifully small, compact and modular in size, it could only come from the true north strong and free. It is a compact modular taxonomy with in-built grammar and standard meta terms designed for general communications use. Imagine a credit card with Your Name on it, instead of the Mastercard or Visa logo. That’s ultimately the power of MONDEX8. The shift in financial systems that came with credit cards is nothing to the shift in human potential with MONDEX8.

MONDEX8 currency: plan

  • turning technology into systems
  • turning peak into quadrants 1-5, 5=all=lok
  • your own local currency brand
  • neon orange pink green purple*
  • pastel pink blue salmon mint*

*You understand I am omitting code here

  • your own currency offer / security
  • foreground colour: offer
  • background colour: unit

Find your perfect pitch.

Showcase your product or service to its greatest advantage: ELEV8R

Find your hidden secret and say goodbye to fumbles forever.

As though there is a ‘secret sauce’ inside of you that only you can’t see directly, it is like “looking” at your forehead. By design, impossible. All we ever see is an image or a reflection of our faces.

We set ALL that aside inside this new context called GENR8 ELEV8R.

  1. That is the context of my offer at The Media Lab ( which I encourage you to check out. The special starting rate Explorer group joining now in February will begin together in March/April. PayPal online or message with questions.
  2. Also, you may want to subscribe to my blog on an AI character called The Elevator Pilot (, scroll to the bottom to subscribe. Can you imagine Pilot’s sex life?
  3. Finally, if you or someone you know could be a potential partner, investor, advisor or commercial interest in a person-owned transition to real AI technology in 2020, please forward this, or message me directly please. There is a super basic illustration at MONDEX8 Biomimetic Artificial Intelligence, Branding, Economy at with more at I am actively interested in conversations with possible partners, especially those bringing leverage and economy.

Bryce Maynard Winter is a writer, speaker, author, and brand architect. Bryce is focused on brands and technology architecture.

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Bryce Winter

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