Open Architecture

We are new kind of technology company producing a new kind of QUANTUM BRANDING called ELEV8R

Complex emotions and satisfying resolving actions may be indemnified together, providing permanent brand royalties even in moving markets.

Following, find a version 1 smartphone demonstration of the seamless ELEV8R ‘desktop’ providing a seamless and continuous interface experience throughout all experiences with the device. Demonstrated, the 13 moons recursive calendar movement, providing an horological reference and other familiar features to the smartphone, whilst automatically linking all calendar-related, scheduling, tasking and purchasing functions to the priority-tailored needs of you, its player.

Video is not interactive. View video on your smartphone for best effect.:

The active interface technology demonstrated above hints at the seamless nature of GENR8’s Brand ELEV8R Technology.

Quantum Branding


ARCHITECTONICS is a completely organic form of relationship management with a structured, programmable organization that is at once both compact and powerful. GENR8 Technology stands for privacy and security of both the individual, and collectives. PADS is the acronym for Personal Architectonic Data System (referred to earlier as QUFARIED, the Quadralinear Universal Fuzzy-logic Architectonic Rapid Input Ergonomic Database). PADS features:

  • open-source fuzzy-logic four-dimensional record matrix, producing real AI that works and connects with us the way we think
  • self-contained, modular harmonic design principles providing infinite creative opportunity, ease of use + ultimate ‘filing system’
  • 64-bit taxonomy rapidly builds fuzzy logic sub-processes creating opportunity for dynamic multi-dimensional intelligence-building


GENR8 is based on Mark Brand. Learn more at MarkBrandGroup