GENR8 is creating BIO-AI. Short for biomimetic artificial intelligence, BIO-AI is the future of genuine AI.

In case you are curious, I can tell a bit more about what my company, GENR8 Technology Group Inc., and the questions that our brand ELEV8R answers.

Here are three of my favorite questions:

Does the branding mechanism reach for deep waters of untapped market potential?

GENR8 Explorer’s Blue Ocean Strategy answers a resounding YES.

Can it run ‘automagically’, (can it be mechanized or automated somehow?)

GENR8’s Autopilot Strategy answers ‘YES’ automatically: if you can map it to a process visual, yes it can be.

Does it present new reality? Does this occupy new territory? Take over old territory even?

YES, YES, YES!!! The GENR8 Explorer has Triple Potential!!!

  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy is causing an entirely new, intention-based real time-related interface device called ELEV8R*.
  • Our Autopilot Strategy (called MONDEX8*), is the globe’s first globally conceived interface language.
  • We present a triple treat opportunity to the market, disrupting old expectations with coordinated practices that combine elements of coaching, consulting and creative services in a single shared services delivery model called EXPLORER* enabling high speed, systematic organizational change; producing demonstrated brand results including improvements to Price, Profit and Pride!

Finding causes to improvement of price, profit and pride is to everyone’s interest, that is why GENR8 Technology Group has been developing Brand Elevator Technology to produce this form of communication cost-effectively.