We intend to launch a number of brands under this umbrella, including new titles from Bryce Maynard Winter’s Beezwax Works (itself undergoing a relaunch) and Terry Gale’s Pop Culture Tales, sporting new graphics and design for 2021 as well.

Be The Change

My mother used to say: “beware the comfort zone.” What is the comfort zone? Precisely those with whom you are already connected and familiar. Your comfort zone is the people around you, who for the most part, already agree with you because they already have a similar set of values and experiences as you do. Here’s the thing: nothing really happens inside the comfort zone. Nothing changes in this area (that is why it is a comfort zone). A hazard if you are up to things is that this can appear quite the opposite in the short term, because within your circle there may be a lot of receptivity for your ideas and strategies. You may get people excited and talking.

You are not stupid:

When you discover you are a “phony”
This phony thing is a mask, did you know the word mask comes from the Greek for megaphone?
The masks in classical theater were megaphones.
The masks used in classical theaters had caricatured features with megaphones built into them for use of the actor to project better in an open air theatre. The word mask is equivalent to, IS the persona, the phony, the one who is NOT YOU. To discover you are phony through and through is to discover you are a big act.

Getting Your Message Across

..language, therefore, may be considered an effective combination of structural, immediate and generative languages into one time-space continuum. This is why speaking immediately and directly with one other person, especially face-to-face, may be such an intense experience. We relay…

3G Recipe For Success

Nobody went to the moon, got married, went paragliding or had kids by being reasonable. Likewise, no one invented sticky notes, created alternating current or perfected smartphones by being reasonable. No. Reasonable people stop at status quo. Unreasonable people push. They push what’s possible. They push their idea, their practice, their passion. They push the envelope.

PERSEUS Price is a Conversation

At the PERSEUS stage of the consulting process there becomes little doubt as to which of the brand types you are operating from as the entire nature of the brand narrative including its relative flexibility or attention to price and the surrounding terms comes out of the jell-o mould, below:


Branding, more than anything else could be considered an iterative process. So you had better know what you are iterating! You could ascend, but you could also descend! This is why branding is a precision science. We will reduce risk. Now, more than ever, it is a science, since Architectonics and GENR8 matrix technology, now published, beginning with The Matriarchy of Brands (Feb 2019).

Reward System

Your GENR8 Coach will work with you to develop the perfect script and formula for your brand. And, we never share exclusivity! If we work with you we guarantee none of your competitors will be our customers. You pay a flat monthly amount, to start. This includes business analysis, coaching, consulting and brand services. All from the comfort of your location. You never have to leave your business. As a 21st century brand, GENR8 Technology offers personalized, live remote services with experienced coach consultants with deep knowledge in your area.

Failure for Organizations that don’t embrace Personal Development

This is why organizations as diverse as Lululemon, Joey’s and NASA sponsor employees in the Landmark Forum. Leaders in charge know that having more open, wide-aware minds in their employees can only benefit them in the long run. Top-down organization of decision-making is not sufficient in an age of distributed processes and distributed brands. Organizational components must be empowered to think for themselves, enabling nimble processes and lean management that align with local brand resources, needs and plans.

Between the Mysterious and the Mundane

3-5 minutes. All life (as we know it) occurs between the mysterious and the mundane. Mysterious, because at a fundamental level we are unaware of the basic mechanisms that give rise to consciousness, awareness and the universe. Mundane, because we are all too aware of our physical reality and the slow, plodding way that connects…

Thorny problem? Maybe you need an OUTLIER!

What is an outlier? 2-5 minutes: This short article is about the value of outliers, to you! An outlier is a different sort of person with a different sort of perspective. A few years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a best-selling book, called Outliers. It is all about these sort of people and the strengths they…