Getting Your Message Across

Structural, Immediate and Generative Language(s)

When we discuss Language, we often speak as though there is only one sort, or kind, of language, for instance: English, or HTML. For this to be true, however, requires that Language presences all three aspects of communication through language, which include:

  1. Structural Language: contextual
  2. Immediate Language: visceral
  3. Generative Language: new
  • Structural Language communicates contextually, like your environment.
  • Immediate Language communicates viscerally, like tone or cadence.
  • Generative Language presences new results, like commitment can.

When all three are present and harmonious in our language we develop an authentic presence, a sense that others are getting our true self, truly expressed.

Setting Up For Sharing: Getting Your Message Across

Real language, therefore, may be considered an effective combination of structural, immediate and generative languages into one time-space continuum. This is why speaking immediately and directly with one other person, especially face-to-face, may be such an intense experience. We relay streams of contextual data by being, and simply being in the presence of this provides for a visceral quality to others and even oneself.

When we relay new information, using generative language, we do so within a context of structural and immediate language. These communicate quickly, far too quickly for generative language to “outrun” them. This is why messages and message delivery must be harmonious if messages are to be received. Put another way, the context of message delivery may be considered decisive in terms of the intended consequence or intent of the message. If you want to get your message across, you have to set up a listener.

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3G Recipe For Success

Are you being reasonable?

That’s your first mistake.

Are You Present? #3G #lifelessons

Pictured above is my friend Benjamin Jordan, paragliding over the Rocky Mountains. Ben holds a record for longest and speediest flights across the Rockies and he also runs a number of foreign aid projects in his spare time, providing sustainable work and development to some of the poorest areas of the world. Oh, and he is an indie film-maker. Ben is one heck of an amazing, unreasonable guy. I did that to him.

Here’s how.

When I met Ben he was working as a freelance photographer in downtown Toronto winding down from a pretty decent scam he had managed to figure out through coding on the web. The way Ben saw it there were no real losers, it was all corporate, so what? I admired his brazenness and that the way he did it he could not get caught. I also thought he had an amazing eye for pictures and I could understand that he was really financing his startup ‘by hook or by crook’ as the saying goes; and hey, who did not bend the rules at first…

Here is a candid emotional picture Ben caught of me with my Mother behind me, listening to my sister Aurora speak at my mother’s 70th birthday party, an event I designed and produced at the Planetarium.

At first, I found Ben a bit difficult to work with. He had the typical ‘me-first’ attitude and he had a bit of stuff going on in the background. But there was something I saw, so I persisted in mentoring Benjamin in aspects of his life for a number of years while I was doing event production. Later we were even roommates for a while at the beautiful house on Rivercrest Road. When I participated in the Landmark Forum, I invited Ben along as well, because I thought he would get a lot. He did, including an incredibly sexy and beautiful girlfriend, named Iryna, who I had met at one of the Landmark courses. Iryna went on to become an amazing psychologist with a beautiful life story as well. But that is a story for another day.

Ben and I went on to participate in a number of Landmark courses and seminars and learned a lot that helped turn Ben into what he is today. Ben is someone who is at choice in his life: now living exactly the life he designed for himself. Now he has taught me as well. I am now getting what Ben got sooner than I did. Thanks for never giving up, Ben!

Ben gave my mother this smile and then he captured it forever. I’m glad I didn’t give up on Ben.

Here is the key distinction that I think got Ben the life he leads today.

the distinction of being at choice:


  • Decision: to select based on consideration
  • Choice: to select freely and after consideration

Note the difference? There is freedom in choice not present in decision. This is because decision is limited by reason. Reasonable is a subsistence way to live, there is nothing wrong there; it is just that nothing very fun happens here (at reasonable).

When we get beyond the reasons why we do things, life opens up and richness is exposed and becomes available to us.

Being at choice makes Ben an amazing photographer. He chooses to create and catch amazing moments. Here is a relaxed moment at my Mother’s house in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Nobody went to the moon, got married, went paragliding or had kids by being reasonable. Likewise, no one invented sticky notes, created alternating current or perfected smartphones by being reasonable. No. Reasonable people stop at status quo. Unreasonable people push. They push what’s possible. They push their idea, their practice, their passion. They push the envelope. They’re unreasonable.

Putting this into practice, however, is another thing. That is why I have come up with this simple, easy to remember 3G ‘recipe’ designed to leave us at choice (and ultimately at the source for our own lives).

Forget 4G, the real opportunity today is 3G all around us

(Works even when there’s zero bars.)
Way more powerful than a smartphone!

Bryce with sister Aurora, captured by Benjamin Jordan

3G Recipe for Happiness

This is a recipe you should add as much as possible to, just keep it balanced. Sticking to it is required for lasting effect–the good news is, it gets easier the more you do it!

  1. Gratitude and appreciation in the present for PAST
  2. Grace to embrace what is offered in the PRESENT
  3. Radical Generosity in the present creates FUTURE

All this: INSTEAD OF and/or in CONTRAST to

  1. Taking for granted
  2. Assuming
  3. Putting yourself first or last

Notice how everything only occurs in the present.

The present is our only opportunity.

Ben caught Bryce during an unsuspecting moment in a backyard hot tub.

Questions to ask yourself?

  1. What or whom are you taking for granted?
  2. What do you assume about yourself, about others, about life?
  3. Where are you putting yourself first (be honest)? Where are you putting yourself last, as well?
Don’t think about: apply it today!
  • What is the root of the word wholesome?
  • Do you see how radical generosity includes ourselves?
  • How is accepting what is offered in the present wholesome?
  • What would be the benefit of embracing the whole of what is?
  • Can you see how true appreciation for the past would be peaceful?
  • Can you see how being radically generous with others today could create a better future?
Pitfalls to guard against:

Overthinking, for instance if you find yourself making ‘reasons’, especially lists of reasons for things. Reason is a helpful tool but a poor decision-maker as reason calibration excludes higher vibrations of joy, love, appreciation, ecstasy etcetera, hallmarks of modes or ways of being beyond ‘REASONABLE’. It could be said, indeed, that you only begin life when you start to be UNREASONABLE!

PERSEUS Price is a Conversation

Price is a conversation.

Even if it says take it or leave it.

PERSEUS is the personification of price in the conversation. If you recall: It was PERSEUS who slayed the gorgon; PERSEUS, son of ZEUS, half-God PERSEUS of many adventures.

We approach pricing most attentively during episodes that impact PERSEUS, and therefore, that may have an impact on price. For instance, terms are an intrinsic aspect of price and therefore terms may not be set aside by PERSEUS. How is always relevant to PERSEUS.

PERSEUS is employed today.

GENR8 Technology uses PERSEUS as an acronym that describes price as a process. By employing a method in approaching price, we can begin to understand what brand markers matter in the marketplace, and therefore, how best to employ brand resources.

Throughout ELEV8R, we seek fuller knowledge in order to advantage reputation and therefore price. However, it is during the PERSEUS process; third in the four-cycle brand process that profit impact is instant. PERSEUS spelled out, according to GENR8 Technology Group Inc.’s CEO and founder is Personally Emotive Reciprocal Spirit Express Universal Solution

This may be more flowery language than people face often, in business anyway; but it turns out these seven words express on a mathematical level consistent with our understanding of harmonics and language the most precise description of the dynamic.

The cover of PERSEUS refers to movement and talks about a deploying a living brand message.

This is indeed the case. ACTION may be specifically called out as a central component of PERSEUS. Indeed movement is required to take action. All of PERSEUS occurs through the marketplace (and area around it), of which the most important ideas occur in action.

Whether movement occurs due to brand convenience, the actions of an agent, an advertisement or the earnest recommendation of friends; depends largely on reputation and relative brand positioning, especially including presence in real-time brand activities, like search.

Brand activities are all actions represented under the banner of your brand name.

Brand affects everyone from the morning guard to the night custodian and everyone in between. Brand is your value set and persona of expectations and desires, it is the common choir book you expect everyone to sing from.

Understanding that this may be, and indeed most often is, a thing separate from:

  • what is obvious
  • what everyone knows
  • what you believe
  • what you believe others believe
  • what you know

may be considered one of the paramount moments in brand management. This understanding underlies branding. Branding is a process of engaging others. Establishing the common choir book is paramount.

Fortunately we know from frequent study of brands over thirty years there really are only seven fundamental formulae. Successful brands rely on these seven formulae. This material is covered exhaustively elsewhere, yet here to reiterate the seven archetypes of branding are based on seven architectural forms, from House to Theater. Each of these resonates with its own specific truth and “true” conversation. 

Values expressed by these architectural forms may not be the same, nor are their value-chain or other expressions of strength. Each of the forms also starts resonating with a specific wavelength emotion. This may be skillfully forecast, therefore accelerating its arrival, through Architectonics design planning:

Color map for a six-figure fund-raiser: 2001 drawing concept executed by CANFAR in Toronto.

Once emotional baseline expectations are set and desired, technical work begins:

Because PERSEUS is half-God half-Man he works all angles. In this case, he works to develop a command of 64 terms of reference around SERVICE CUISINE for the case in point. Everything during this stage may be considered “geared to action” so while the entire ELEV8R taxonomy is set into RAM, so to speak; we are definitely drilling to connect with others. This is why everything about PERSEUS is filtered through the ACTIVE mindset:

ACTIVE, to remind us, is the third of four time human perspectives expressed by PEAK:

PEAK terms above DIRECTIONAL flow below.

So, while PERSEUS is present in every transaction, and in every brand and brand type or brand folio, and it consistently comes across through the “ACTIVE ACTION” perspective, this does not mean all brands act the same. Not at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. See the table below for the rich variety of potential actions that may be expressed by the proven formulae described following. This is important in considerations of cost consequent to narratively expressed competition and their approaches to price, relative to yours, and so on. At the PERSEUS stage of the consulting process there becomes little doubt as to which of the brand types you are operating from as the entire nature of the brand narrative including its relative flexibility or attention to price and the surrounding terms comes out of the jell-o mould, below:


PERSEUS can be approached as a project, like a one-off special event, or it may be approached as a systems approach general enough in nature that “PERSEUS Moments” can be daily, even frequent occurrences, for members interacting with your brand. Any time action takes place, people ask themselves, through the character on the right side of the table above.

MEMBERSHIP in SERVICE CUISINE PILOT is required for further access.


This foundation program is a prerequisite to understanding ELEV8R brand technology.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – OCTOBER 16: Julia Child at her home in Cambridge, Mass., October 16, 1975. (Photo by Ulrike Welsch/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

SERVICE-CUISINE was invented to provide easy access to understanding brand concepts. Represented by the Waiter and the Chef, Service and Cuisine are the classic “front-of-house” and “back-of-house” concepts, simplified and brought to a new age of thinkers.

These concepts are represented by two larger-than-life characters.

Imagine a stereotypical, even exaggerated waiter.
He is smiling, he is cheerful, he is encouraging.
He is personable, larger than life, imaginative.

SERVICE is a larger than life WAITER

With all his exaggerated, patient mannerisms, he sells us on himself, and his reward is a feeling of special, local authority through which he peddles connection. The truth is, however, he has little control over what the kitchen produces. What you see on the menu is what you get. The waiter brings things out from the kitchen, and returns used things yet has no opportunity to change contents.


In contrast, imagine a stereotypical, even exaggerated chef who holds total control on what comes out of the kitchen. Chef’s typically are not concerned with connection. They OWN local authority. No, the chef’s needs are different from the waiter’s. The chef requires consumption of her production, so needs consumers. She also needs someone to take away finished menu items as well as to deliver or resource recipe ingredients.

CUISINE is represented by a CHEF*:

Julia Child Wikipedia

*In the case of CHEF we have an actual iconic representation by the already publicly admitted Julia Child. Note her commanding presence, she is the opposite of the obsequious waiter!

This is how brands are composed and comprised. In fact, look at any good business and you will find these concepts woven throughout organization. Note throughout we will be binding together two almost opposing energies, this is what produces brand energy and growth and why we term this a ‘brand binary’.


Note you could continue this table indefinitely with contrasting, essential elements of both the Waiter and the Chef. You could certainly list a page’s worth.

Considerations of GROWTH:

  1. Maintaining consistent direction
  2. ‘Filling in’ with local consistent with the overall concepts
  3. Fueling growth, money flow, including price, deposit ratio, spread and marketing costs.

Each of these items must be addressed and taken care of, or growth will eventually be halted.

This is how branding may be brought to bear fruit with best effect during periods of reorganization and growth, for it is during these times that introduction of new processes, materials, collateral or otherwise because they must naturally be brought forward then, anyway, what better way than to do so intentionally with deliberation?

Considerations of SERVICE-CUISINE point us to two distinct, intrinsic process aspects at play at all times in the production and delivery of goods and or services. And, these two intrinsic processes also have quite distinct personas, skills, areas of focus and knowledge. In fact, many times in franchise situations these areas are separated so distinctly that kitchens are literally located offsite. [Tim Hortons]

You can not have SERVICE without CUISINE, for without CUISINE there would be nothing to SERVE. Similarly, without SERVICE, CUISINE would end up with a kitchen full of food and no way to pay for or serve things.

Marcus Engman Design will kill marketing, says Ikea’s former design chief

Once you realize the intrinsic logic to straightforward binary aspect of process, your capacity will be unlocked in terms of all manner of business processes and topics. It is a fact that much of your frustration and impatience may dissolve when you understand with clarity this distinction, and its inevitable outcome.

The following four statements all relate an item from the perspective of SERVICE to CUISINE’s:

  • It is in this way that DESIGN may not be separated from MARKETING [think IKEA]
  • How MARKETING may not be separate from PRODUCT DESIGN [think BMW]
  • Way PRODUCT DESIGN isn’t separable from MANUFACTURING [think LVMH]
  • BRAND (a piece of B-S EQUITY) is not deliverable without BRANDING [an activity]


Increasing the potential on your balance sheet may be done directly through BRANDING.

There are many reasons and applications of this including further improving the BRAND VALUE through increasing BRAND EQUITY and leveraging assets.

Correctly assumed, the activity of branding may be considered the direct and central idea of every brand, therefore it is also possible that it is everyone’s job, all the time.

This is to say, it is everyone’s job, all the time, to execute on the missions, values, vision and purpose of the brand to the best of his, her or their abilities. The success of this depends on the depth of integrity which may be brought forward; as since we are talking about everyone’s job, it had better be a very clear and precise thing we are setting out to do!

This last point, being precision on purpose, is where ELEV8R brand technology comes into play, so where we realized we needed a soft onboarding process getting people, companies, brands existence into play in a way that instructs as it engages as it develops new concepts and opportunities. SERVICE CUISINE PILOT was conceived as an onboarding process for brands.

Brands evolve, which is why we talk more about ascension more than brand growth.

Branding, more than anything else could be considered an iterative process. So you had better know what you are iterating! You could ascend, but you could also descend! This is why branding is a precision science. We will reduce risk. Now, more than ever, it is a science, since Architectonics and GENR8 matrix technology, now published, beginning with The Matriarchy of Brands (Feb 2019).

In this process, brands gradually move more and more into their own, shedding disguises and rasping off rough edges that do not belong. In this way forward momentum is developed on a circuitous route that loops back, again and again over conversational territory, coming ever-closer to the ‘truth’.

Truth, when it comes to brands is a matter of congruency both in narrative filaments and facts. In this sense truth is both relative and attainable by facing objects serendipitously.

Filament definition is – a single thread or a thin flexible threadlike object, process, or appendage

Serendipity definition is – the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also : an instance of this.

How do we deal with exceptions?


What story is your brand really telling?


What is brand ascension and why may it be (EVEN) more important than brand growth?


Why brands financially outperform unbranded organizations by 30% (according to S&P)


Find answers to all the missing elements of your brand, today.