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Now that we have Nourish—we formed Nourish Publishing in 2020—we have commercial application for Mark Brand Group Shares, hosted here at We also came out with our first commercial products in 2020, putting into hybrid action both the creative and market processes of Sampo Service-Cuisine MarkBrand technology, developed into virtual physicality by me in Toronto in 2003.

The complex weave of MarkBrand is not easily born, nor does it arrive at once but our first product under Nourish, How to Work with Teams provides an anchor point in the technology from the human perspective. Review on Architectonics. In this regard, the PEAK clade may begin to be introduced to the public beginning last year. Momentum is building on other fronts as well.

The Wizard with the Lizard: With a Trip to Fairyland by Trudy Dorn, by Nourish.

Nourish is pleased to assist in the publishing of “Grandma Trudy’s” first three children’s books. In her 90s, Trudy Dorn has written and hand illustrated three delightful children’s books. Populated with characters and style reminiscent of a cross between Dr. Suess and Beatrix Potter, these charming full-color books are specifically designed to assist in learning English while providing some valuable teaching moments. Available on Amazon.

Early in 2021 my latest endeavor started taking shape. Novella™ Notebooks are a series of high quality, low content paperback notebooks manufactured and sold through Amazon. Nourish decided to take on the low content book field for strategic, creative and personal reasons that connect opportunity and development of capacity. We intend to launch a number of brands under this umbrella, including new titles from Bryce Maynard Winter’s Beezwax Works (itself currently undergoing a design refresh) and Terry Gale’s Pop Culture Tales, sporting new graphics and design for 2021 as well!

We are pleased to announce Novella™ Notebooks launched in May, 2021. A variety of titles and forms are under development focusing on the need to get offline yet remain—or get—organized and practice a tactile analog experience, with unique digital applications. Novella™ promises to be the first of many physical and electronic personal, communal and business applications brought to you by Mark Brand Group Shares.

Be The Change

What my intention is for this entry:

To leave you at choice in the matter of.


The world of no agreement.

As a starting point, I would like to point out that I know you are a person out doing great things in our world. I believe that you want to change the world. And in small, important ways, you are.

What I want to look at is this, however:

What will it take to transform the world?

Like completely and totally.

Radically alter the listening of the world such that it responds differently, not just with a few people; but with all people; what will it take?

Changing the world means different things to different people but one thing is clear; to truly change the world we have to first acknowledge that there is no real change that occurs outside of community. To alter the prospects of the future, to shift the curve, to make a difference that takes hold at a serious scale, to make a difference on a local communal, regional, national or a global scale, we must first find ways to shift within community.

This involves acknowledgement of community, and relating and connecting through community. 

Connecting through community outside of our own limited box is not something that most people are familiar with. To be honest, most people spend almost all of their time inside the confines of a narrow group of friends, family and business associates. Change of the sort I am talking about occurs, for the most part, outside of that narrow, comfortable group.

My mother used to say: “beware the comfort zone.” What is the comfort zone? Precisely those with whom you are already connected and familiar. Your comfort zone is the people around you, who for the most part, already agree with you because they already have a similar set of values and experiences as you do. Here’s the thing: nothing really happens inside the comfort zone. Nothing changes in this area (that is why it is a comfort zone). A hazard if you are up to things is that this can appear quite the opposite in the short term, because within your circle there may be a lot of receptivity for your ideas and strategies. You may get people excited and talking. You might even get them to take some new actions. But so long as this excitement, talk and action is within a ‘bubble’, how much are  you really changing the world? Outside of the comfort zone is where all growth and change happen, when we move out of the comfort zone; real shifts begin to happen–shifts within us–and in the world. The occurrence of global transformation does not happen in a comfortable bubble.

To change the world outside of our own bubbles, therefore, we are going to have to do a few things. One is, we are going to have to learn to relate to people, things and circumstances that are uncomfortable at first. The second is we are going to have to find ways to acknowledge that the world outside of our immediate circle, while strange, is not necessarily wrong.

Both of these can be hard, and depending on your perspective and personal experience they may be difficult in the same or different measures. But if you don’t leave your comfort zone you won’t effect change. And if you approach the outside world with either a chip on your shoulder or with a ‘better than’ attitude, that won’t work either.

Therefore, we have to find ways to get out, relate with others eye-to-eye and suggest new ideas in ways that invite others’ attention and involvement, rather than command them to do things. This is the way of the world, today.

Curiously, this brings up a number of sticking points for most. I would like you to consider that a couple of these sticking points may show up for you. I’m going to share three with you today.

“Self-knowledge is the great power by which we comprehend and control our lives.”
— Vernon Howard

The first one is contribution.

Do you know that if you do not allow others to contribute to you that you will be unable to contribute to them? This is true. Contribution is a field, like love, affinity or joy. It is physically impossible on a scientific basis to contribute joy if you won’t allow joy in. The same goes for affinity or love. The same goes for your gifts. If you can’t or won’t allow others to contribute to you, you will find that you will not be able to substantially contribute to others as well. The reverse is also true. (If you have no anger or malice, others will not be able to sustain anger or malice with you as well). Understanding the law of contribution is profoundly difficult and important; for until contribution flows both ways your contribution won’t flower or flourish either.

  • Do you allow contribution?

The second one is mystery.

Do you think you have things all figured out: or at least in your gift, do you believe that you know all the answers? While we maintain a perspective that confidence is key, overconfidence, also known as pride goes before the fall (to paraphrase Proverbs). Why is this? The truth is that absolute truth is unknowable. This is self-evident to most thinking people. Therefore, anyone who insists they absolutely know The Truth without allowing for any exception will not be received well in the long term, in community. Better to embrace mystery and say that I do not know the truth, but I have a perspective that I believe accesses connection. Or maybe that I have evidence that I know a methodology works at this time. Disallowing mystery denies the contribution of coincidence or serendipity, otherwise known as Grace. To deny the existence of Grace is to deny one’s own humanity and is therefore catastrophic to embracing community.

  • Can you embrace the mystery that is life?

The third is integrity.

Integrity is the ability to speak one’s word and produce actions in the world that fundamentally align with our words. While this sounds easy enough, the truth is this is seldom simple, because if you are truly up to things in life you will soon find that you will have to ‘throw your hat over the wall’ with words (and metaphorically clamber over the wall with action to retrieve it), by declaring things that are either, (a) outside of your comfort zone, or (b) outside of what you know how to do. Following through on these things is the domain of integrity. What people frequently fail to realize is that integrity is not binary. There is no black and white dividing line in this place. Integrity is more like a field; an ever-expanding field of consciousness that continuously presents new finish lines beyond what is already known. Therefore, it is more like a marathon without end than a sprint. It is not black or white, it is a field of growth. Integrity is not good or bad; it is however a prerequisite to deliberate change and real personal growth.

  • How are you developing your integrity?

What’s Next?

By allowing contribution, embracing mystery and developing greater integrity we are not necessarily changing the world, yet. But we are providing a piece of the prerequisite state to do so. So what’s next, what would we like to attain and how will we get there?

Most of us come from a background of 

  • Not listening
  • Fighting for control
  • Resistance to contribution
  • Attachment to personal patterns

All inside of people pleasing.

Sound familiar?

As we become aware of the strife these old ways of being and doing things cause, and further, get connected with the unreality of their effectiveness, we can start to wonder who we REALLY are, underneath all of the struggle.

“To be authentic is literally to be your own author…, to discover your own native energies and desires, and then to find your own way of acting on them.”

— Warren G. Bennis

I created GENR8 Technology to:

  • Identify and create identity outside of brand (generically)
  • Provide a platform for creation and connection of group (interactively)
  • Develop a safe means of building organization (inexpensively)
  • Create a dynamic means through which to connect with the world
  • Generate a means to financial, social and psychological safety for the earth

The label and the GENR8 Community are access points to a vision of global connectivity that puts brands in the background by placing people first. In this view of the world. Global transformation occurs, and:

  • You are identified as you, not a corporate cog or wheel serving some ulterior purpose;
  • You are automatically included in a community that shares similar global values;
  • Your ability to access self development is taken as a right;
  • Your creative self-expression is intrinsically linked to you.

Marshall McLuhan famously stated: “The medium is the message.” GENR8 is about bringing this philosophy into existence in a way that provides a solid foundation for people and technology through the twenty-first century.

More than a digital technology, a personal development curriculum or a corporate training system, GENR8 is a foundational backdrop to community in a new world reality that moves us beyond conventional currencies, brands or capitalism. GENR8 invites you to:

  1. Create the conversation, and
  2. Be the conversation

GENR8 is truly access to:

  1. Be the change

GENR8 produces community structures, agreements, coaching and systems designed to bridge the world of old values and brands, co-creating a new world technology and community.




Between the Mysterious and the Mundane

3-5 minutes. All life (as we know it) occurs between the mysterious and the mundane. Mysterious, because at a fundamental level we are unaware of the basic mechanisms that give rise to consciousness, awareness and the universe. Mundane, because we are all too aware of our physical reality and the slow, plodding way that connects us with our bodies and each other.

Mysterious, because we do not know where from the flash of insight, the brilliant intuition or the miraculous. Mundane, because we know so well that these bodies have a shelf life and while seemingly sturdy, are here for but the flash of an instant in cosmological terms.

Our reach, our boundaries, are often defined in and by language. But language has its limits. Language is not reality, but we try to describe life through language. Life is irrational and to reduce it to language is to create a simulacrum of reality; not reality. This is a central paradox of human existence; one which we have struggled with for millennia.

How do we access the mysterious when all of our visible tools are mundane? Through the ages we have answered with art, through music, in dance and a perpetual quest for what we call ‘the mystery of life’ through spirituality: including meditation, religious practice and dream-states.

My quest is wrapped in me, interwoven through the mundane activity of my physique. Always, left and right have been my awkward friends. My left side, mysterious and adept. My right side, mundane and somewhat awkward. How do they relate with each other, and why do they sometimes seem at odds??

My mother, at peace now, was wont to point out we both shared a ‘sinister’ quality—that of being left-handed. She told me how the word sinister came from the Latin word for left, in fact. This cultural prejudice was one she felt was worth pointing out, and indeed, it did often seem as though the other, right-handed, members of our family did think and sometimes act quite differently—more rationally, but with less understanding of ‘true’ reality. Now I see in my own self, how both of these sides are embodied. How both the mysterious and the mundane are in me; and how we must work together, no matter how awkwardly at first.

For me, this has long been a battle between the sides of my brain. The right side, controlling my left, the left side controlling my right. In my ‘right mind’ I am clever, clear and correct, if not always concise. And in my rational mind, I am logical, linear, neat, productive. But each side, from time to time, battles for control, often leaving me feeling like a war-torn battlefield in-between, and both myself and others fatigued, if not exhausted, by the strife.

What to do? I think it is time (high time) we took to embracing our duality without the need to appoint superiority of either polarity. Does not the earth spinning on its axis have both a north and a south pole? Could it possibly exist with only one? Maybe it’s time to re-examine our “sinister” side, as well as our “right”, and see if we cannot come to a more cooperative union.

What is in the distance between the mysterious and the mundane? Humanity.