2020 access to GENR8 Technology Group’s access to membership is through The Media Lab’s EXPLORER.

EXPLORER is specifically designed to help us help you and help each other by taking a detailed, thorough and systematic look at each other’s personalities, needs and desires.

EXPLORER is The Media Lab’s introduction member program that creates the presence of new GENR8 opportunities based on who is in the room. It includes an interview screening process as well as extensive testing.

In case you are curious, I can tell a bit more about what my company, GENR8 Technology Group Inc., and what our brand ELEV8R does. They are:

Blue Ocean Strategy. Does brand reach for blue waters of untapped market potential? YES

Autopilot Strategy. May eventually run ‘automagically’, just about 100%

Triple Potential. Presents new reality, occupies new territory, takes over old territory YES, YES, YES!!!

  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy is causing an entirely new, intention-based real time-related interface device called ELEV8R*.
  • Our Autopilot Strategy is called MONDEX8*, which is the world’s first interface language.
  • We present a triple treat opportunity to the market, disrupting old expectations with coordinated practices that combine elements of coaching, consulting and creative services in a single shared services delivery model called EXPLORER* enabling high speed, systematic organizational change producing demonstrated brand results including increases to Price, Profit and organizational Pride!

Finding causation for price, profit and pride is to everyone’s interest, that is why GENR8 Technology Group has been developing Brand Elevator Technology to produce this form of communication cost-effectively.

The insightful ELEV8R report is an insightful key to unraveling the price, profit and pride equation that is at the heart of what your brand is all about.

I often find that as people consider branding they have a lot of ideas of what ‘to brand’ or even ‘branding’ is all about and therefore, what it really means.

Here is a common understanding of brand from true branding professionals including myself, as a Brand Architect:

A brand is a conversation. A brand is the conversational equivalent to emotion in relationships. This is why brands like Starbucks use immersive language. The more the memory visits harmonically arranged brand stimuli, the more one is truly branding.

Get in the conversation: Book your ELEV8R Brand Review today and get on the elevator to brand success!

Are you an Innovator?

Are you a curious EXPLORER?

EXPLORER membership is for entrepreneurs who see investing in their brand as a profitable opportunity both for themselves, and for others. This membership brings many of the benefits of partnership without the high risks and costs of partnership.

Are you committed to having the best possible sales & marketing for your product? The EXPLORER membership is for innovators committed to sustained profit growth through effective brand building.

ELEV8R is a codification of brand best practices distinguished for a new digital millennium. EXPLORER is your access to ELEV8R.

What would you rather your brand is competing as in today’s global marketplace, BRAND or COMMODITY?

EXPLORER membership is for entrepreneurs who see investing in their brand as a profitable opportunity both for themselves, and for others. This membership brings many of the benefits of partnership without the high costs:

  • BRANDS CREATE their own high demand—market demand becomes a malleable factor.
  • BRANDS SET arbitrary prices—value is subjective—price may be tied to the intangible.
  • BRANDS COMMAND loyalty and respect—producing longer, steadier notably more profitable client relationships.
  • IN CONTRAST HOWEVER, Commodities‘ prices are set by external factors (value is externally commuted—tied to things outside marketer’s control).

EXPLORERS invest in specified brand marketing services through their ELEV8R membership, and gain added benefits, including:

  • Sanitized access to specialized services on a preferred schedule,
  • Securitized relationships—access to premium branding services at priority prices,
  • Active residual returns—transactions are structured to produce residuals—and to encourage additional residuals through advanced referral methodologies.

Book your “FREE ‘T’ WITH US” session and get on the brand elevator to success!

  • Ongoing mark branding assistance. We become partners in developing sustained profit growth of your brand.
  • Increased representation. ELEV8R becomes a motivated licensing agent of your product(s).
  • Zero dilution of equity. You keep 100% ownership in your enterprise while gaining a share in the exchange.