Access to GENR8 Technology Group’s inside brand track is with ELEV8R membership.

ELEV8R is specifically designed to help us help each other by taking a detailed, thorough and systematic look at each other’s characteristics, needs and wants; and then making certain promises (and keeping them: ELEV8R membership terms & conditions apply) within a safe space.

That safe space is the GENR8 Community (link is to our public Facebook Community page). There are three kinds of ELEV8R membership. The right one for you is determined through the application process.

Specifically designed to be ‘GENeric’ as well as ‘GENerative’; GENR8 is a new form of community built on twenty-first century principles that makes sense today.

If you’d like to learn a taste of ELEV8R technology without going further, check out a piece of our developmental history with the famous PEAK Explorer (button below): otherwise, read on!

  • If you are top of your respective field in some way
  • If you have your own intellectual property or document-able system or approach
  • And, if you recognize the need of community: both to be a part of and to contribute to, as an intrinsic element of success,

..then I invite you to consider completing the GENR8 ELEV8R Application Form.

ELEV8R uses advanced, harmonic technologies to provide a lifetime development plan for your brand. With ELEV8R we focus on your brand.

Here’s why:

  • BRANDS CREATE their own high demand—market demand becomes a malleable factor.
  • BRANDS SET arbitrary prices—value is subjective—price may be tied to the intangible.
  • BRANDS COMMAND loyalty and respect—producing longer, steadier notably more profitable client relationships.

IN SHORT: the Branding Mechanism, intelligently deployed, creates an environment with three potential big benefits.

Key benefits of ELEV8R Community Engagement Technology improve your safety and security by delivering in three areas:

1. Increasing your business volume

2. Improving the quality of your business

3. Creating a trusted community to help build and promote your brand

Going it alone, you often compete as a commodity. Commodities‘ prices are set by external factors (value is externally commuted—tied to things outside marketer’s control).

People have a lot of ideas about branding and what it really means.

A brand is a conversation.

Are people talking about you?
What are they saying?

A brand is the conversational equivalent to emotion in relationships. This is why brands like Starbucks use immersive language. Check out our article here on how to learn from Starbucks $2.3 billion mistake. The more the memory visits harmonically arranged brand stimuli, the more one is truly branding. We published a whole illustrated book about it, called Signs & Symbols of Success. Here’s a link to the second edition, now on Amazon.

Are you Curious?

Have you noticed that life is different, things have changed?

Do you believe they are ‘going back to normal? Or do you know there is ‘no going back’ and the ‘only way ahead is through’?

ELEV8R membership is for entrepreneurs who see investing in their brand as a profitable opportunity both for themselves, and for others. This membership brings many of the benefits of partnership without the high risks and costs of partnership.

Are you committed to having the best possible sales & marketing for your product? The ELEV8R membership is for innovators committed to sustained profit growth through effective brand building.

GENR8 Technology is a codification of brand best practices distinguished for a new digital millennium. ELEV8R is your access to GENR8.

Would you rather compete as a brand or as a commodity in 2020?

ELEV8R membership is for entrepreneurs who see investing in their brand engagement as a profitable opportunity both for themselves, and for others. This membership brings many of the benefits of partnership without the high costs:

  • Sanitized access to specialized services on a preferred schedule,
  • Securitized relationships—access to premium branding services at priority prices,
  • Active residual returns—transactions are structured to produce residuals—and to encourage additional residuals through advanced referral methodologies.
  • Ongoing markbrand assistance. We become partners in developing sustained profit growth of your market brand.
  • Increased representation. ELEV8R becomes a motivated licensing agent of your product(s).
  • Zero dilution of equity. You keep 100% ownership in your enterprise while gaining a share in the exchange.