Getting Your Message Across

Structural, Immediate and Generative Language(s)

When we discuss Language, we often speak as though there is only one sort, or kind, of language, for instance: English, or HTML. For this to be true, however, requires that Language presences all three aspects of communication through language, which include:

  1. Structural Language: contextual
  2. Immediate Language: visceral
  3. Generative Language: new
  • Structural Language communicates contextually, like your environment.
  • Immediate Language communicates viscerally, like tone or cadence.
  • Generative Language presences new results, like commitment can.

When all three are present and harmonious in our language we develop an authentic presence, a sense that others are getting our true self, truly expressed.

Setting Up For Sharing: Getting Your Message Across

Real language, therefore, may be considered an effective combination of structural, immediate and generative languages into one time-space continuum. This is why speaking immediately and directly with one other person, especially face-to-face, may be such an intense experience. We relay streams of contextual data by being, and simply being in the presence of this provides for a visceral quality to others and even oneself.

When we relay new information, using generative language, we do so within a context of structural and immediate language. These communicate quickly, far too quickly for generative language to “outrun” them. This is why messages and message delivery must be harmonious if messages are to be received. Put another way, the context of message delivery may be considered decisive in terms of the intended consequence or intent of the message. If you want to get your message across, you have to set up a listener.

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Failure for Organizations that don’t embrace Personal Development

Organizations are doomed to continue to commit the fundamental fallacies and errs in judgement as the people who run them—basically the people in charge. After all, how can a company, your brand, be smarter than the people running it? It does not make sense at all. This is why personal development of leaders is as essential as organizational growth and development is. Leaders who fail to develop in the new millennium period fail to lead markets. Our world today needs leaders who think beyond personal prejudices. This is why I am unafraid to tell people from potential partners to employees to clients and shareholders that I invite them to take advantage of the good personal development work available at Landmark Worldwide globally. It works. 

Landmark Worldwide

Change alone is not enough. Leaders must grow in wisdom, maturity, skill and understanding, Times we live in demand this level of physical, mental and emotional rigor, for today’s market is global. It does not matter what product, good or named service you sell; today’s sale is within the global context in which consumers (from employers to students) turn first to smartphones and search, no matter what their desires. This means your global reputation is of the utmost relevance as it directly impacts your global brand, because price is based on global demand.

PERSEUS: on Price Potential (article coming soon)

Make no mistakes, the tilted poker table representing capitalist and consumer markets today are a crazy quilt of philosophies, systems and practices designed more to obfuscate than elucidate. Winning is tough. However, and this is the big IF that makes it possible, if you are willing to take on your personal ‘demons’ and so, successfully set aside personal and professional prejudices in favor of third-party observable facts and nuance, it means that today, more than ever, you can succeed globally because the knowledge of how to do so is now delivered and globally available. My own book, Signs & Symbols of Success,  demonstrates this in the field of documenting the hidden psychology of brands and branding.

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Leaders of organizations as diverse as Lululemon, Joey’s and NASA sponsor employees in the Landmark Forum because they know that having more open, wide-aware minds in their employees can only benefit them in the long run. Top-down organization of decision-making is not sufficient in an age of distributed processes and distributed brands. Organizational components must be empowered to think for themselves, enabling nimble processes and lean management that align with local brand resources, needs and plans.

This is most effective with people who are enabled of their own intrinsic potential.

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